VAT Reporting user training

If you’re new to VAT Reporting, this comprehensive one-day training course will help you get the most out of our powerful compliance tool and turn you into an effective and efficient user. Our expert trainers will demonstrate all the key features and functionality, and together you will work on real-life examples to give you practical experience of the core processes.

The course will enable to you:

  • Set up your account and configure the dashboard to meet your requirements
  • Use the data mining tool to create reports and queries that give you the data you need at the touch of a button
  • Recognise the common error messages and warnings and learn how to fix them 
  • Redeliver documents
  • Comply with SII  

How much?

Free to customers!

Attendees will learn

  • How to set up a company in VAT Reporting
  • How to set up a VAT Group
  • How to create a manual document
  • How to correct errors and warnings

Training dates


Private training available on request.



Day 1 will focus on a general overview of the functionalities of VAT Reporting including:

  • How to file VAT returns
  • How to file IC-listings
  • What are Sales and Purchase ledgers?
  • What are VAT books?
  • Reconciliations & Intrastat

Day 2 will focus on how to set up the VAT codes in VAT Reporting, taking into account new VAT returns:

  • What are generic VAT codes and the use of it
  • How to link the own VAT codes with the Reporting Combination ID
  • How to make use of the four methods in the Reporting Combination Wizard to find the correct Reporting Combination ID
  • Explaining of all the fields of the ‘Reporting Combination Details’

Administrator training

This one day training course is tailored towards users who are required to become an administrator of VAT Reporting. A computer will be available for each participant to use during the training courses. Please note that there is a maximum of 8 persons per session

The fee per participant per session is €350, excluding VAT cost (includes a hot meal)

A package for VAT Reporting user training and Administrator training is available for €1000, excluding VAT. Package registrations get priority.


Administrator training overview

This course training will focus on:

  • The general settings
  • The errors and warnings and how to correct them
  • How to redeliver documents
  • The use of the Data mining tool
  • The use of the Dashboard


Training dates


Private training available on request.


All training courses take place at:

Prinsenstraat 40,
1850 Grimbergen,

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