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New report: True economic cost of cross-border tax complexity revealed

Nearly a year after the introduction of a wave of EU VAT reforms, our latest research shines a spotlight on an economic deficit of £47.6bn in 2021....Continued

The shift in approach to e-invoicing by businesses – from local and tactical to scalable and strategic

Businesses are looking to identify a single e-invoicing solution and process that not only meets the requirements of today, but meets the requirements of the future....Continued

Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) already benefits 8,000 businesses selling into the EU

From July 1, 2021, VAT exemption for low value imports into the EU’s 27 countries was removed. VAT is now due on all sales of goods into the EU....Continued

Five key takeaways from France’s “Journée de la Facture Électronique 2022”

The “Journée de la Facture Électronique 2022”, brought together a number of stakeholders including representatives from the DGFiP, businesses and e-invoicing solution providers.We have summarised five...Continued

How automation can support cross-border growth

With a surge of changes in global compliance codes and reporting requirements, Patrick Frith, Director of Cross-border Global Trade spoke at eTail Germany to explain how technology can help....Continued

Moving towards a common e-invoicing standard in Europe?

More and more countries globally are implementing mandatory e-invoicing or digital reporting requirements. The requirements differ significantly between countries....Continued

Does your business stand out from the crowd? Learnings from TameBay Live 2022

At Tamebay Live 2022, Avalara experts joined senior specialists from leading marketplaces and vendors, to share the latest sector trends and industry insight....Continued

Top 10 special territories for VAT purposes

VAT is generally levied around the globe at a federal/country level. However, there are many sovereign states, provinces, territories, regions and discreet areas that have special rules for VAT purpos...Continued

B2G e-invoicing to be compulsory in Luxembourg

On December 14, 2021, a new law was published in Luxembourg’s Official Journal which will make it compulsory for businesses involved in public contracts to issue electronic invoices to the Government....Continued

Sequential invoice numbering for tax invoices

The majority of countries with a VAT or GST regime require tax invoices to have a unique sequential number. ...Continued