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World turns to VAT cuts on coronavirus COVID-19 threat

Countries are turning to emergency tax cuts to support their stuttering economies under the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. VAT is the popular stimulant as it can be adjusted overnight and boosts consu...Continued

Covid-19 VAT rate cuts

Most countries around the world have looked to VAT / GST to help support businesses and consumers during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. Below is a live list of major VAT rate cuts announced since Ma...Continued

Digital Services Tax DST Global Tracker

Digital Services Taxes (DST) are turnover taxes on gross revenues from the sales from a range of digital services or goods. They are levied by governments on both resident and foreign suppliers (selli...Continued

COVID-19 threatens global tax wars

A new round of cross-border tax wars is being ignited as governments struggle to control ballooning coronavirus deficits, and launch ‘self-sufficiency’ economic strategies. ...Continued