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Avalara’s 5-point plan to be Tax Compliance Ready in 2022

According to a survey from Barclaycard, in 2021, a surge in online shopping saw consumer spending in 2021 surpass 2019 levels by 5.9%, despite the Covid-19 limitations in place....Continued

WCO launches new Harmonised Tariff Schedule – HS 2022

The World Customs Organisation (WCO) has released the latest and seventh edition of the Harmonized System (HS) nomenclature which came into force on January 1, 2022. ...Continued

Alex Baulf: ‘It’s time to invest in people and technology’

Avalara’s Senior Director in Global Indirect Tax, shares his views on changes in the market over the course of 2021, and where he sees the sector moving towards in 2022....Continued

Introduction to Incoterms and their impact on indirect tax

Incoterms are a set of internationally recognised definitions and rules of interpretation that cover most common commercial scenarios used in contracts for the sale of goods. ...Continued

World turns to VAT cuts on COVID-19 threat

Countries are turning to emergency tax cuts to support their stuttering economies under the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. VAT is the popular stimulant as it can be adjusted overnight and boosts consu...Continued

1 April 2021 global VAT & GST changes

1 April 2021 global Value Added Tax and Goods & Services Tax measures coming into effect...Continued

Digitisation of VAT Reporting - Avalara global tracker

Avalara's global tracker of VAT and GST transaction reporting requirements details country-by-country requirements and proposals for invoice-level reporting. From SAF-T to e-invoicing, tax authorities...Continued

VAT – the world’s COVID tax

Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST) and U.S. sales tax have emerged since the 2008 financial crisis as the world’s favourite taxes. There are good reasons why they have been implemente...Continued

2021 global VAT & GST rate changes

The 2021 international VAT and GST rate and regime changes, including extension of consumption taxes onto non-resident providers...Continued

Digital Services Tax DST Global Tracker

Digital Services Taxes (DST) are turnover taxes on gross revenues from the sales from a range of digital services or goods. They are levied by governments on both resident and foreign suppliers (selli...Continued