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UK MTD 2020: 3 major changes for 1.3 million businesses

On 1 April 2020, phase 2 of Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT starts with the ending of the UK’s HMRC’s ‘soft landing’ first phase. It is this second phase that will cause most issues. How are the thre...Continued

UK HMRC confusion on post-Brexit Intrastat filings

In the run-up to the latest missed Brexit date of 31 October, there has been conflicting messages from HMRC on whether Intrastat filings will still be required from thousands of UK businesses....Continued

UK Brexit 3rd delay to 31 Jan 2020 – but deal emerges

The third Brexit deadline of 31 October 2019 has been missed! A new ‘flextension’ has been agreed between the UK and EU which could enable the UK to leave the EU at any point between now and 31 Januar...Continued

HMRC backtracks on no-deal Brexit ‘Henry VIII’ powers

HMRC has announced that it will not deploy emergency no-deal Brexit powers to change or waive existing laws on VAT, customs and excise without Parliamentary consultation. This follows the threat of a ...Continued

UK Brexit hits VAT-shaped roadblock

Brexit negotiations overnight hit a VAT-shaped roadblock. What is the issue? Essentially, the post-Brexit anti-VAT fraud terms were contained within the now-abandoned Backstop clause. This envisaged ...Continued

UK HMRC emergency Brexit VAT and excise powers

HMRC has been granted short term powers to issue VAT and excise laws on Brexit. The powers will come into effect for six months after Brexit, currently scheduled for 31 October 2019. They will grant t...Continued

UK Brexit e-services MOSS alert

The UK’s HMRC has alerted digital services businesses selling e-services to consumers of their VAT obligations in the case of a no-deal Brexit on 31 October 2019. This includes income on: streaming me...Continued

UK HMRC delays construction VAT domestic reverse charge till Oct 2020

The UK has postponed plans to introduce the domestic reverse charge on VAT in the construction services industry. The move, which effectively takes the cash payment out of B2B transactions is aimed at...Continued