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UK IOSS Intermediary confusion

Confusion remains on EU country requirements for UK businesses applying for the new Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) registration, and whether they will require a local Intermediary - we are still waiting ...Continued

UK Brexit killed dropshipping?

Are the new VAT and customs obligations of Brexit choking the dropshipping e-commerce model? The complexity of import VAT, customs duties, product checks and customs declarations are not eating into ...Continued

UK Making Tax Digital phase 2 launches

1 April 2021 sees the launch of the UK’s Making Tax Digital for VAT Phase 2 (MTD), with big new digital requirements on over one million UK VAT registered businesses. These are the changes that were d...Continued

UK ecommerce 2021 VAT changes for sellers & marketplaces

The UK’s HMRC has overhauled the rules of VAT for ecommerce from 1 January 2021. This was at the same time as the end of the Brexit transition period, which brought separate VAT and customs changes. T...Continued

UK MTD for VAT on voluntary registrations proposal

The UK’s HMRC is considering extending the Phase II digital records and journey requirements to voluntary VAT registered business in 2022. The current plans is for phase II MTD to apply to businesses ...Continued

UK delays Brexit import declarations to January 2022

The UK government has announced today that it is extending the existing post-Brexit import customs declarations deferment from 1 July 2021 until 1 January 2022. The government outlined a revised timet...Continued

UK loses B2B triangulation VAT simplification with Brexit

Following the UK leaving the EU VAT regime from 31 Dec 2020, UK vendors have lost the right to use the B2B VAT triangulation simplification when selling goods between EU member states. UK businesses w...Continued

UK extends hospitality & tourism VAT cut to 5% till 30 Sept 2021; then 12.5% till 30 April 2022

The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has extending again the VAT rate cut on hospitality and tourism from 20% to 5% until 30 Sep 2021; then 12.5% until 30 April 2022...Continued

UK defers £30bn VAT payments; 2021 repayment schedule

UK has announced that all VAT payments are postponed until the end of June 2020. Settlement is due by 31 March - although businesses may now apply for an 11-month 2021 repayment schedule ...Continued

Brexit VAT & Customs checklist

What are the key actions businesses should take following the UK leaving the EU Customer Union and VAT regime on 1 January 2021 A checklist of VAT and Customs actions to keep goods moving and limit V...Continued