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India indirect tax update - Union Budget 2022 and mandatory e-invoicing with effect April 1, 2022

Following the annual Union Budget of India, we have set out some of the key indirect tax (GST and customs duty) highlights that businesses with a footprint in India should know. ...Continued

India delays GST filing deadlines for coronavirus

The Indian Ministry of Finance has announced an extension for the filings of Goods and Services Tax GST filings in view of the worsening coronavirus situation. It affects GSTRA-3B and GSTR-9. ...Continued

India extends B2B e-invoices to all businesses April 2021

Following the 1 October 2020 introduction of mandatory electronic invoices for larger businesses on B2B transactions, India intends to extend the obligation to medium sized companies in January 2021, ...Continued

India relaxes e-invoice deadline for COVID-19

India is to provide a 1-month soft-landing period for smaller businesses on the 1 October 2020 rollout of electronic invoices....Continued

India raises e-invoice threshold

The Indian Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has raised the annual sales threshold for mandatory GST e-invoices. The new electronic invoicing regime will be introduced on 1 October 2020. ...Continued

India foreign e-commerce equalisation levy 1 April 2020

India’s 2% withholding tax – equalisation levy - on e-commerce transactions on non-resident e-commerce businesses has received official assent on 27 March 2020. It come into effect on 1 April 2020. Th...Continued

India e-invoice delayed to 1 October 2020

The Indian government may delay the mandatory introduction of electronic invoices until 1 October 2020. The plan had been to impose the e-invoice regime from 1 April 2020 for larger businesses. The Go...Continued

India Union Budget GST changes

The Indian Finance Minister has submitted to parliament on 1 February the latest 2020 budget amidst slowing growth of 5% compared to the trend of 6.8%. The statement included a number of Goods and Ser...Continued

India closes import duties e-commerce exemption

India has withdrawn from 12 December 2019 the ₹5,000 (approximately €63) import duties exemption threshold on ‘gifts’ being shipped to Indian consumers. Previously, ‘gifts and samples’ below this valu...Continued

India to launch GST lottery

India’s Ministry of Finance has proposed plans to launch a Goods & Services Tax lottery, based on valid receipts consumers receive for their purchases. The aim is to encourage all transactions to be p...Continued