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VAT Reporting update 18.4.1

  • May 1, 2018 | Jason Moore

VAT Reporting update 18.4.1


This release is a maintenance release of the VAT Reporting application for the month April. It includes changes to reports, modifications and bug fixes.

Main changes in Reports

  • Spain – Immediate Filing (SII)
  • We have started to implement changes to support filing of SII V1.1, which will be available from 1st July 2018. Please note, if you currently use a SAP Extractor and file to SII, changes will be required to your converter. Please contact Customer Support in order to arrange this.
  • SII changes implemented so far are:
    • New SII Fields – We have moved SII options within VAT Number details to a separate tab, now named ‘ES Immediate Filing (SII)’. This tab now has new fields ‘Detailed Invoice Reporting Start Date’ and ‘Send invoices as RegPrevioGGEEoREDEMEoCompetencia’.
    • Document Indicators - We have added 3 new SII only Document Indicators (Simplified Invoice with partner details, Regular invoice without partner information and Customer additional assessment). These are now present in the invoice template and supported within VAT Reporting.
    • New Payment Method - We have added Direct Debit as a payment method both to the excel invoice template and conversion settings for SAP extracted invoices.
    • We will continue to add functionality for SII v1.1 in the next release, the new functionality does not need to be used at this time.
  • Italy:
    • Quadro VP - We have improved the merge feature in VAT reporting so that when the XML corresponding to different reporting sheets (Modulos) are merged, the tool automatically numbers each sheet sequentially.
    • Quadro VP - We have updated the e-file and PDF for the Italian quarterly VAT return to include the "Quadro VP" for 2018. We have created two user fields corresponding to the newly implemented boxes Operazioni straordinarie (Extraordinary operations) and Metodo (Method). In addition, we have removed the user field that allows ticking the box Liquidazione del gruppo (Additional declaration needed) since VAT Reporting does not prepare the Quadro VP corresponding to the group.
    • Due to the changes in thresholds for ECL/Intrastat that apply in Italy from January 2018, we have modified the comments that appear when selecting the different periods that define the filing frequency when setting up VAT number details for a company in VAT Reporting.
    • We have updated the structure of the field "Service Code" for IT ECL/Intrastat fixed format in accordance with the instructions contained in the Intrastat technical guidelines (Allegato XII)
  • Sweden: ID 1240 has been updated (supplies of immovable property - VAT option -). This ID was wrongly set up as exempt before and, consequently, the operations falling under this code were not passing the validations when uploaded to VAT Reporting Check. This has been modified and it is set at the rate of 25% now. A re-delivery and a re-setup of the VAT codes are needed.
  • Poland: ID 694 has been updated. The supplies of goods made by supplier B to customer C in case of triangulation are reported under this VAT code. This ID is now mapped to box 11 of the PL VAT when part B reports in Poland, in accordance with the tax authorities’ guidelines.
  • Portugal: We have added annex 40 and 41 to the PT VAT return in XML format. To have a credit note reported in the correct part of the annex you will need to add a reference to your VAT code setup in section Extra description in Wizard (see manual)
  • Belgium: We have updated the coding of the XML of the local listing in Belgium as the upload was not working when submitting a NIL return. The XML now works correctly in this case.
  • Spain: We have updated VAT reporting so that the transactions that are required to be reported in boxes 84 and 93 on the monthly December VAT return (modelo 303) in pdf format, are correctly mapped. Box 93 reports the amount of EC sales of goods; and box 84 reports operations not located in Spain. For users of generic VAT codes, no new set up is needed but you should update the generic VAT codes.
  • Estonia: We have fixed a mapping issue in the ECL correction form in PDF format that was affecting the display of the amounts on page 2 (and successive). These are displayed when the number of lines reported exceeds the maximum amount of lines permitted on the page.
  • Malaysia: GST return - Fixed Format - We have updated the E-file for MY corresponding to 2018 to ensure that the transactions in Box 15 of the GST return are captured.
    Up until now there was a manual user field to report these amounts. A redelivery of the data is not necessary in this case if the amounts were reported through the user fields. If this is not the case, then a redelivery is necessary. Users now need to re-set up the VAT codes so they are reported to the correct box. Please refer to the release note comments on VR - 3886 for further information about the affected ID mappings.
  • The Netherlands: We have updated the VAT return correction suppletie in PDF format for 2018. "Draft" and the disclaimer have been added to the return.
  • France: We have improved the warning behind boxes 08 to 11 on the FR VAT Return in PDF format. VAT Reporting calculates the VAT automatically for sales transactions in boxes 8-11 (taxable base). The issue comes up in the case of reverse charge transactions where output and input VAT are both should be indicated on the form. In these cases, the sales side is re-calculated but the purchase side is not, therefore there is a discrepancy caused. The improved validation warns in these cases so that it can be corrected via a manual document upload.
  • Czech Republic: ID 384 (exempt import at followed by an IC supply). We have updated the mappings for this ID and all the operations falling under this VAT code will be mapped now to box 32 of the CZ VAT return. A redelivery and a re-setup is necessary in this case.

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