VAT Expert

For today’s businesses, understanding the complex and irregular rules on VAT or GST calculations and obligations can be a huge barrier to trade. This means either expensive advice or taking a risk that you have not understood and applied VAT correctly. VAT Expert is a web-based solution that allows you to understand the VAT treatment for all kinds of complex transactions.


Avalara VAT Expert is powered by VAT content that covers all 400+ articles in the VAT Directive 2006/112/EC, the local member state derogations as well as wider international VAT determination


Powerful cloud-based VAT advisory tool

VAT Expert is a powerful cloud-based VAT advisory tool that gives tax and finance professionals the ability to quickly and easily check the correct VAT determination for their business transactions.

Key features:

  • Stand-alone web-based system that requires no systems integration
  • Detailed coverage of VAT for European entities trading within and across Europe
  • Personalisation via an upload of customer and supplier data
  • Create both electronic and paper invoices to match local VAT requirements
  • Direct link to VIES to check the validity of all customer and supplier VAT numbers

Reduce your VAT risks and costs

By helping you make sure your VAT calculations are accurate, and that you have the correct treatment approach.

VAT Expert will help you:

  • Build a deep understanding of VAT rules and regulations
  • Understand how to comply with VAT rules in each country you trade
  • Reduce the risk of failing to comply
  • Understand the requirements for invoices and returns


VAT determination software for all

VAT professionals

Users both in practice and in industry use it to quickly assist their internal and external business customers to determine the right VAT treatment.

Finance teams

VAT Expert can be used to help you assist your trading partners to understand their VAT implications, including providing guidance on how to report to transaction on each party’s VAT return.



Users in smaller accounting firms use the system to advise their customers on complex VAT flows meaning they can become more efficient and accurate in the advice they give.

Need a fully compliant sales or purchase VAT invoice?

VAT Expert doesn’t just stop at getting the VAT liabilities right, it can also produce a fully compliant VAT invoice for both the seller and buyer.  This includes clear references to national rules and the EU VAT Directive requirements.

How it works

Use a simple analysis screen to enter details about your transactions such as who the customer and vendor are, and what the taxable transaction is.

Depending on the type of transaction, VAT Expert will present further relevant questions. Once all the data for the invoice has been completed VAT Expert will return:

  • The correct VAT treatment
  • The correct compliant invoice messages in local language
  • The invoice message citations can be clicked on to give the user the full legal article in the local languages
  • A compliant legal invoice, both in XML format and in PDF format. This can be sent to a customer directly from the system if required or used for guidance purposes
  • Additional VAT guidance messages that can help sellers and buyers understand the VAT on the invoice
  • Guidance on which VAT Return boxes the invoice will need to be reported on for both the buyer and the seller


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