Discover how SAP users can master global tax compliance with CUVIV and Avalara

Master global tax compliance




60 minutes, including live Q&A



Understanding U.S. sales tax and VAT compliance can be extremely complex, especially for multinational businesses looking to expand into new markets. 

We’ve brought together leading tax compliance experts to help simplify the tax landscape and make compliance easier for SAP users. 

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Exploring the complexities of U.S. sales tax
  • Understanding your tax obligations
  • Managing exempt sales effectively
  • Navigating U.S. sales tax complexity through CUVIV and Avalara’s partnership

About the speakers

Marc Auró

Managing Director, CUVIV

Throughout his career, Marc Auró has demonstrated exceptional leadership, overseeing and executing over 25 SAP rollouts spanning five continents. In addition, he has been at the forefront of steering full life-cycle SAP projects, encompassing crucial areas such as finance, compliance, cash management, and controlling implementations with precision and expertise.

Zsofia Nagy

Tax Technology Solutions Manager, Avalara

Zsofia is an experienced regional sales manager based in Spain helping companies with their indirect tax compliance. With a background in business development and relationship management, Zsofia has built strategic partnerships and worked with hundreds of customers to automate their indirect tax compliance processes.

Marc Darling

Senior Strategic Alliance Manager, Avalara

Marc is the Senior Strategic Alliance Manager for both CUVIV and SAP in EMEA. Marc supports partners in helping their customers solve complex tax compliance challenges, including sales tax in the U.S., India and Brazil, along with VAT and e-invoicing solutions across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Master global tax compliance

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