VAT rallies to the COVID-19 business challenge

A guide to unlocking COVID cashflow savings.

As global economies begin to pivot from lockdown to recovery – VAT, GST and US sales tax have taken centre stage in governments’ responses to supporting businesses and building consumer confidence. The immediacy of VAT and sales tax, has made them the frontline fiscal tool of choice to tackle the economic impact of the pandemic globally.

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This guide explains the VAT measures your business needs to understand right now in order to capitalise on the liquidity prospects available; why VAT automation has shifted from “nice-to-have” to essential, and what is coming next.

What's inside?

  • VAT – the world’s COVID tax
  • How COVID cashflow opportunities and complexity makes tax automation vital
  • A COVID cash-savings checklist
  • How to manage the burden of temporary COVID-19 VAT, GST & US sales tax cuts
  • Post-COVID VAT and GST reforms – righting the wrongs
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