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Spain – Draft legislation on new invoicing requirements

Spain has already announced that it will implement mandatory B2B e-invoicing starting in 2024. It will be an offence under the tax legislation for businesses not to meet the new specifications....Continued

Spain passes legislation moving towards mandatory B2B e-invoicing

The Spanish Government has approved the draft Crea y Crece law which includes a requirement for businesses to issue electronic invoices for all B2B transactions. ...Continued

Spain withdraws VAT local bank payments requirement

Non-resident businesses with Spanish VAT registrations will no longer be required to make regular VAT settlements via a Spanish bank account. This will apply to VAT payables from March 2021, and taxpa...Continued

Spain VAT measures for coronavirus epidemic

Spain has announced VAT and other tax payment holiday for small businesses who apply for relief for the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. The scheme is not available for large businesses (above €6m tur...Continued

Spain cuts e-book VAT rate to 4%

Spain has proposed cutting its VAT rate on digital publications from 21% to 4%....Continued

Spain launches pre-completed VAT returns

Following on from the success of its SII live invoice reporting platform launch, Spain has begun issuing pre-filled Value Added Tax returns. The returns, modelo 303, are prepopulated with invoice tran...Continued

Spain ends annual European Sales Lists

Spain has withdrawn the possibility for annual European Sales Listings. These ESL are a pan-EU requirement to sales of goods or services on a cross-border basis with other EU businesses....Continued

Canary Islands VAT rise to 7%

The Canary Island in its 2020 budget is to reverse the 2019 VAT (‘IGIC’) rise. It is now to increase IGIC from 6.5% to 7% on 1 January 2020....Continued

Spain pre-filled VAT returns pilot 2020

Spain is to launch in 2020 a pilot offering pre-completed, draft VAT returns to larger taxpayers. These will be based on the Spanish SII (Suministro Inmediato de Información) digital invoice reportin...Continued