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France yet to delay VAT returns on coronavirus crisis

The French tax administration has offered companies in difficulties related to the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) the option to delay VAT and other tax payments. ...Continued

Finland provides VAT support for Covid-19 crisis

Finland is providing a range of Value Added Tax easements to help businesses cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. ...Continued

Slovakia VAT measures for coronavirus crisis

The Slovak Ministry of Finance has published proposed relaxation of Value Added Tax and other tax rules. This includes as extension of the VAT payment date, currently the 25th of the month following t...Continued

Hungary coronavirus VAT measures

The Hungarian tax and customs office has issued notice of tax payment deferrals following the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The measures mostly target individuals. However, businesses may apply for ta...Continued

Nigeria VAT measures for coronavirus

The Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service has delayed the deadlines on Value Added Tax returns to help businesses during the COVID-19 crisis....Continued

New Zealand GST COVID-19 measures

New Zealand has put forward tax easement measures to help businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst there are no plans to extend payment deadlines on Goods and Services Tax, penalties and fines ...Continued

Turkey COVID-19 VAT relief measures

Turkey is offering VAT filings and payment delays for specific sectors. There has also been a limited VAT rate cut to certain sectors....Continued

Poland VAT payment delays for coronavirus crisis; delays SAF-T

Poland has changed policy on VAT payments for the COVID-19 crisis. VAT filings are due on the 25th of March, as normal. However, taxpayers may apply for a liabilities write-off or extension of the pay...Continued