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Hungary live reporting update Apr 2020

Hungary is to update the requirements on its live VAT invoice reporting regime from April 2020. The changes affect invoice details and submission requirements....Continued

Uzbekistan VAT cut to 15% Oct 2019

The Uzbek President has proposed a VAT reduction from 20% to 15%. The tax subsidy is intended to help small enterprises. The new rate will come into effect on 1 October 2019. The VAT cut will cost aro...Continued

Slovenia cuts e-book VAT to 9.5%

Slovenia is the latest European Union member state to agree to reclassify the VAT liability on income from the supplies of electronic books from its standard VAT rate to its reduced rate. From 2020, e...Continued

UAE VAT reclaims deadlines

Foreign businesses incurring United Arab Emirates VAT, and who do not have a local VAT registration, may be able to reclaim this VAT on certain activities. This largely covers recipients of exhibition...Continued

Germany cuts rail VAT

Germany has announced a reduction in the VAT rate applied on train journeys from the standard rate 19% to the 7% reduced VAT rate. The measure is part of a range of proposals to reduce the environment...Continued

India cuts hotel GST Oct 2019

India’s GST Council has announced a range of tax stimuli, including a reduction in the Goods and Services Tax rate on hotel accommodation. ...Continued

EU Energy Tax Directive failing on climate change

European finance minister agreed this weekend to review the Energy Tax Directive, which sets the minimum taxes of member states on energy products and electricity....Continued

Israel scraps $75 VAT import exemption

The Israeli Ministry of Finance is proposing to withdraw the $75 import VAT and customs exemption on personal packages. The exemption includes shipping and insurance costs. There is a customs only exe...Continued


Saudi Arabia should double VAT to 10%

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recommended that Saudi Arabia double its VAT rate from 5% to 10%. The IMF stated that, with continued depressed oil prices, the kingdom’s deficit is set to c...Continued


Nigeria raises VAT to 7.5% 2020

The Nigerian government has proposed rising Value Added Tax standard rate from 5% to 7.5%. The rise will need the agreement of the National Assembly. The increase will likely be put into place on 1st ...Continued