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UK MTD for VAT on voluntary registrations proposal

The UK’s HMRC is considering extending the Phase II digital records and journey requirements to voluntary VAT registered business in 2022. The current plans is for phase II MTD to apply to businesses ...Continued

Greece delays myDATA e-invoices e-books to 1 July 2021

Greece has announced that the mandatory introduction of e-invoices and e-books has been delayed again, this time from 1 April 2021 to 1 July 2021. This is due to the economic disruption caused by the ...Continued

Greece VAT measures for coronavirus

The Greek government has introduced a number of VAT measures to help businesses cope with the COVID-19 epidemic. ...Continued

US sales tax checklist for non-resident businesses

If you are selling from abroad to US businesses or consumers, then most of the states will expect you to be charging sales tax following the 2018 Wayfair Supreme Court ruling. ...Continued

Japan Consumption Tax cut for COVID-19

Japan is considering cutting its reduced Consumption Tax rate to 5%. It is also opting for filing and payment delays for individuals....Continued

UK-EU export declarations after Brexit

As the UK has now left the EU VAT and Customs Union, export declarations are now required for goods moving between the two. Only resident businesses may make export declarations – meaning you may requ...Continued

UK delays Brexit import declarations to January 2022

The UK government has announced today that it is extending the existing post-Brexit import customs declarations deferment from 1 July 2021 until 1 January 2022. The government outlined a revised timet...Continued

India delays GST filing deadlines for coronavirus

The Indian Ministry of Finance has announced an extension for the filings of Goods and Services Tax GST filings in view of the worsening coronavirus situation. It affects GSTRA-3B and GSTR-9. ...Continued

US Pennsylvania offers foreign sellers sales tax amnesty

The US state of Pennsylvania is offering a sales tax amnesty to non-resident sellers which hold stock in the state. This is based on the physical nexus test, triggering local taxing obligations if a ...Continued

Philippines targets 2023 for e-invoicing and e-receipts

The Philippine Department of Finance is scheduled to commence a pilot of e-invoicing in January 2022, with a plan to roll out to all B2B and perhaps B2C transactions in 2023 in a phased approach. This...Continued