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UK Brexit Northern Ireland EU XI VAT number prefix

The EU will grant UK Northern Ireland (NI) businesses an EU VAT identification number to enable them to report goods transactions after 31 December 2020. This is the end of the Brexit transition perio...Continued

Turkey COVID-19 VAT relief measures

Turkey is offering VAT filings and payment delays for specific sectors. There has also been a limited VAT rate cut to certain sectors....Continued

Canada GST and Provincial Sales Tax COVID-19 measures

Federal Goods & Services Tax (GST) returns and payments are postponed for March, April and May until 30 June 2020 for monthly filers. Q1 quarterly GST payers must file and pay by 30 June, too....Continued

Bulgaria VAT reliefs COVID-19 crisis

The Bulgarian tax authorities are considering a cut on hospitality VAT rates to 5%. It will not extend Value Added Tax filings deadlines until further notice to help businesses through the coronavir...Continued

UK Brexit Postponed Accounting VAT return

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU VAT regime on 31 December 2020. The UK is introduced deferred import VAT scheme – Postpone Accounting – so traders importing goods into the EU and rest of the world...Continued

UK mulls 2% ecommerce sales tax and delivery tax

The UK Treasury is being reported as considering imposing a 2% sales tax on online ecommerce to raise £2 billion. This would be to help level the playing field for traditional high-street retailers. T...Continued

Croatia cuts VAT on food to 13%

Croatia is to reduce the Value Added Tax rate on basic foodstuffs from 25% to 13%. The implementation date has not yet been confirmed. But the new conservative government has been approved by Parliame...Continued

EU ecommerce package OSS for B2C services and events

The European Union’s VAT ecommerce package – effective 1 July 2021 - includes the right for providers of services and events organisers to consumers, B2C, to report their pan-EU sales in the new One-S...Continued

Greece 4 month VAT payment deferment for coronavirus

The Greek government has introduced a number of VAT measures to help businesses cope with the COVID-19 epidemic. ...Continued

Costa Rica delays digital services withholding VAT to Oct 2020

Costa Rica has postponed the implementation of withholding Value Added Tax on digital services until 1 October 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan had been to impose 13% on non-resident provid...Continued