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VAT Reporting update 17.9.2

  • Oct 10, 2017 | Jason Moore

VAT Reporting update 17.9.2


This release 17.9.2 is a patch to our 17.9.1 maintenance release; it includes the latest updates for the IT VAT Book (d193) and also updates for SII. This version includes all the updates from 17.9.1 plus the fixes in 17.9.2 so this document details the full set of changes.

Main changes in Reports

  • Portugal: We have added the new Portuguese VAT return valid as of September 2017 - to file in October 2017
  • Croatia: We now support the HR reverse charge list in XML and PDF format.
  • Italy:
    • VAT Book – SpesometroWe now fully support the spesometro in XML format and you can find it in VAT Reporting under VAT Book.We include in the Spesometro the transactions performed by a non-established Italian entity whereby the reverse charge of article 194 Directive 2006/112/EC applies. The law is not clear on that point; however, we have been advised to include them as this seems to be more appropriate. If you prefer to have them excluded, please contact support as this can be arranged.In this release, we have included the feature which will split the XML file created, to conform to the rules of the IT submission portal. If the data contains >1000 invoices per partner the XML element is grouped in thousands; if the data contains >1000 partners, the file is split into multiple XML files each with a maximum of 1000 partners.
    • We have read in latest comments from the Italian VAT administration that for the time being the node Country and VAT Number should be completed with something, it cannot be empty. We expect this to be changed again and we will follow up
    • For the moment, we added in the Spesometro that in case country + VAT number is empty, we will fill it with the country of the address and the first 28 digits of the name for the VAT number field
  • Spain: EC Listing lines with valid VAT Numbers and negative amounts will be highlighted in pink. The reason is that you cannot file in Spain an ECL with negative lines. You will have to check where this correction came from, turn it into a correction line and file a corrective ECL for the period concerned.
  • Hungary:
    • We have now fully analysed the transaction ID's 704 and 706 (sales / purchase out of scope) for reporting in Hungary. These kinds of transactions are not being reported in the Hungarian return, so we now linked combinations zero to them
    • We now support the new Hungarian layout for reverse charge listing in XMAL and PDF format, that is valid since January 2017
  • Bulgaria: We now support the transactions (sales and purchases) of cereal and industrial crop for which there is a local reverse charge in Bulgaria
  • Latvia: We added the new document type 'R6 = raw precious metals, precious metal alloys and precious clad metal delivery' to the purchase side of the combined local listing
  • Japan: We now support Japan in VAT Reporting

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Jason Moore
Avalara Author Jason Moore
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