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Slovakia – Requirement to only make tax invoice payments to published bank accounts

In November 2021, new legislation was introduced in Slovakia requiring Slovak VAT registered businesses to report their bank accounts (both domestic and foreign) to the Slovak Financial Directorate vi...Continued

Slovakia launches new e-invoicing system – “Informačný Systém Elektronickej Fakturácie (IS EFA)

The Slovak Republic’s Ministry of Finance is implementing a central national electronic invoicing system to allow businesses to send e-invoices in a structured data format to the tax authority....Continued

Slovakia e-invoice proposal

Slovakia has published legal proposals to require B2B government pre-apprroved electronic invoicing. This would extend to B2C invoices if not already issued by VAT cash registers. ...Continued

Slovakia VAT measures for coronavirus crisis

The Slovak Ministry of Finance has published proposed relaxation of Value Added Tax and other tax rules. This includes as extension of the VAT payment date, currently the 25th of the month following t...Continued