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Understanding and keeping up-to-date with the complexities of cross border VAT rules in the EU and beyond presents a huge challenge for companies doing international business.  Add in the headache of incorporating the process into hundreds or even thousands of transactions in your finance systems, then it becomes clear that companies may be exposed to errors, delays and even potential tax fines.


Avalara’s VAT Determination tools are here to overcome these major barriers.  Supporting these tools is Avalara iEngine, the market’s most comprehensive VAT calculation engine.

Based on the feedback of hundreds of VAT and GST customers, Avalara offers three VAT determination solutions range to suit all complexity and budget requirements.

VAT Expert – web based tool for businesses

VAT Expert an easy-to-use web based tool for businesses to quickly check the VAT treatment on cross border transactions.  It covers simple cross border transactions through to the most complex triangulation. It also can produce reliable sales and purchase invoices for you and your external partner to use.

VAT Audit – batch process returns

VAT Audit is a daily/monthly/returns periodic batch process which offers an offline validation of all taxable transactions from your ERP.  It avoids the complexities and friction of a full engine implementation, and gives you highly valuable reporting on potential costly errors or inconsistencies in your data.


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