Tunisian VAT rates and compliance

Tunisian VAT rates

The standard VAT rate in Tunisia is 19%. Exporters and certain providers of financial services may apply for a VAT suspension. Imports of some basic foodstuffs and agricultural supplies are exempt from import VAT.

The current rates are:

Tunisia VAT rates

RateTypeWhich goods or services
19%StandardAll other taxable goods and services
13%ReducedReinsurance services; goods transportation
7%ReducedMedical and veterinarian services; paper for magazines and newspapers; tourism
0%ZeroExports and related services
0%ExemptBasic foodstuffs; some financial services; agriculture supplies; physical and electronic publishing; pharmaceuticals; loan interest; international transport

Tunisian VAT compliance

Tunisian tax payers must produce invoices for all taxable transactions, including exports. Invoices should include the following details:

  • Name, address of the supplier
  • Tax number of the supplier
  • Name, address of the customer
  • Date of supply
  • Unique invoice number
  • Description of the goods or services provided
  • VAT rate, amount charged and gross amount of the invoice

Credit notes may not be issued. Instead invoices are cancelled, with new invoices being issued. Electronic invoices are required of large enterprises, and are voluntary for others.

Time of supply

The date when VAT is due is known as the time of supply, or tax point. For goods, this is when the produce is delivered to the customer – irrespective of the settlement date of the invoice. For services, it is the earlier of the provision of the services or when the invoice is paid. For imports, VAT must be paid prior to clearing the goods through customs.