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Mexico updates registered digital services VAT list

Mexico’s tax administration has updated its list of Value Added Tax registered foreign providers of digital services....Continued

Mexico VAT coronavirus measures

The Mexican Tax Administration is to offer speedy Value Added Tax credit repayments to assist businesses during the COVID-19 crisis....Continued

Mexico COVID-19 VAT cut to 10% proposal

The Mexican senate is to consider a bill to reduce the Value Added Tax rate from 16% to 10% for six months untill the end of 2020. The measure is in recognition of the financial difficulties businesse...Continued

Mexico updates VAT on foreign e-services providers

Mexico is to impose Value Added Tax collection obligations on non-resident providers of digital or electronic service providers to consumers. This includes downloads or streaming media, app’s, e-books...Continued

Mexico foreign e-services VAT register June 2020

Mexico has advised non-resident providers of electronic or digital services to Mexican consumers that they must register for VAT by 1 July 2020. This is one month after VAT is introduced on foreign-so...Continued

Mexico VAT payers ‘blacklist’

Mexico has issued its latest VAT payers ‘blacklist’. This lists all businesses that its suspects of VAT fraud. It is a requirement for other businesses to ensure their suppliers and businesses are not...Continued