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UK MPs take control of Brexit

  • Mar 26, 2019 | Richard Asquith

UK Members of Parliament last night voted for a series of ‘indicative votes’ on the next alternatives they may have a majority for  in the Brexit process.

Over the upcoming days, MPs will now vote on seven potential next steps for Brexit:

  1. Withdrawal Agreement
  2. No-deal exit
  3. Scrap the Northern Ireland backstop in the existing Withdrawal Agreement
  4. Canada-style free trade deal
  5. A Customs Union with the EU
  6. Norway-type deal, with the UK staying in the Single Market but leaving the Customs Unoin
  7. A 2nd referendum

It is not clear if the government would have to accept the results of the votes, or how they would be arranged. In addition, the EU would have to accept any outcome.

The MP vote follows the two failures of the government to gain a parliamentary majority for its proposed EU Withdrawal Agreement, negotiated with the EU in November. This includes a 21-month transition period when the UK would remain inside the Single Market, Customs Union and VAT regime.

Last week, UK was obliged to seek a delay from the EU on the planned 29 March 2019 exit date. This was granted, with two alternative exit dates: 12 April in the case the government cannot gain a majority for the Withdrawal Agreement; or 22 May if the agreement is accepted.


VP Global Indirect Tax
Richard Asquith
VP Global Indirect Tax Richard Asquith
Richard Asquith is the former VP Global Indirect Tax at Avalara
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