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Italy imposes marketplace VAT fraud obligations

Italy has proposed making marketplaces the deemed supplier and VAT principal on B2C sales below €150 by third party sellers. It will apply to consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, video games, ...Continued

Italy delays Spesometro and Esterometro

Italy has postponed the deadlines for the last 2018 Spesometro and the first 2019 Esterometro to 30 April 2019....Continued

UK £135 small parcel VAT portal opens for Brexit

The UK’s HMRC has opened the registration portal for foreign delivery companies to register post-Brexit VAT on consumer good parcels below £135. This new regime will be triggered under the current def...Continued

Portugal extends VAT settlement

Portugal is proposing to allow VAT registered businesses an additional five days to settle the VAT liabilities....Continued

UK HMRC - £13bn custom costs for no-deal Brexit

HMRC has estimated that 245,000 businesses will have to start completing import documentation for the first time after Brexit, costing them £6.5bn in administrative costs. The value of import tariffs ...Continued

Lithuania quarterly VAT returns for small businesses

Lithuania quarterly VAT returns for small businesses...Continued

Ireland Brexit import VAT postponed accounting

In preparation for changes on a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, the Irish government is proposing introducing an import VAT postponed accounting scheme. This would relieve importers of goods from the UK into Irelan...Continued

Netherlands cuts e-book VAT 2020

Netherlands cuts e-book VAT 2020...Continued

UK eases no-deal Brexit import declarations and tariffs

The UK’s HMRC has eased some of the potential import requirements in the case of a no-deal Brexit on the 29 March 2019....Continued

Netherlands lowers Intrastat thresholds

The Netherlands has lowered the 2019 annual thresholds for Intrastat reporting....Continued