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UK VAT return after Brexit

How to account in a UK VAT return for UK import VAT under the Postponed Accounting regime on goods coming from the EU after Brexit....Continued

France mandatory B2B VAT e-invoices 2023

France is to impose mandatory B2B electronic invoices from January 2023. This will include a pre-approval clearance of the invoices via the government’s Chorus Pro portal. This is already in operation...Continued

Germany cuts rail VAT

Germany has announced a reduction in the VAT rate applied on train journeys from the standard rate 19% to the 7% reduced VAT rate. The measure is part of a range of proposals to reduce the environment...Continued

EU Energy Tax Directive failing on climate change

European finance minister agreed this weekend to review the Energy Tax Directive, which sets the minimum taxes of member states on energy products and electricity....Continued

Israel scraps $75 VAT import exemption

The Israeli Ministry of Finance is proposing to withdraw the $75 import VAT and customs exemption on personal packages. The exemption includes shipping and insurance costs. There is a customs only exe...Continued

EU says UK exporters need Brexit EU and UK EORI’s

The European Commission has confirmed that in the event of a no-deal UK exit from the European Union on the 31 October, UK exporters to the EU will require an EORI number for goods movements. This is ...Continued

Moldova tourist tax rise

Moldova has proposed raising its hotel, accommodation and restaurant VAT rates. The rise will be from the reduced 10% rate to the standard 20% rate. This is against the European trend, where most coun...Continued

Swiss VAT return e-filing 2020

Switzerland is to withdraw the option to submit paper VAT returns in 2020. Less than 50% of Swiss VAT-registered business use the current electronic AFC SuisseTax platform to file their returns. ...Continued

France marketplace VAT obligations 2020

France is to require online marketplaces to verify the Value Added Tax status of foreign sellers using their platforms from January 2020. The requirement to co-opt digital platforms to check the VAT r...Continued

Romania proposed VAT cut to 16% 2020

The Romanian Senate is considering cutting the country’s standard Value Added Tax rate from 19% to 16% on 1 January 2020. The reduced VAT rate would also be reduced from 9% to 5%....Continued