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VAT Reporting update 17.10.1

  • Nov 6, 2017 | Jason Moore

VAT Reporting update 17.10.1


This release is a maintenance release of the VAT Reporting application for the month October. This release includes two new features: GL Reconciliation and Audit Trail reports plus enhancements and bug fixes.

Main changes in Reports

  • New Transaction ID’s: We have now added two new Transaction ID's (i.e. 4376 and 4377) which should be primarily used for all sort of VAT codes that are not VAT relevant. In the past IDs 704 &706 were used for all out of scope transactions, however these codes should now only be used for transactions that are VAT relevant but out of scope (e.g. damages).
  • Please ensure to filter out all current not VAT relevant transactions that are out of scope (ID’s 704 and 706) and to re-setup the ones needed with the new ID you can setup e.g. as of 1 November so that it is split as of now.
  • United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia: We have added the Standard (5%) and Zero rates to VAT Reporting for United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia with effect from 1st January 2018.
  • Spain SII: The rules for the Data submitted for the first half of 2017 (01/01/2017 -> 30/06/2017) are less strict than for data after 01/07/2017 onwards. This allows the filing of data which may not have been setup to have the required mandatory fields. In this release, we now support these less strict rules for what is called the First Semester.

The ClaveRegimenEspecialOTrascendencia is set to 16 for Sales/Sales Credits, and to 14 for Purchases/Purchase Credits from the First Semester and a missing Invoice Description field will be set to Registro del Primer semestre.

For clients who have not already filed back to the 1st January, this allows you to do so without retrospectively improving your data, but if you have already filed the first half of the year (using the stricter rules), there is no action needed.

Note: For clients who have not yet filed the first half of the year, our recommended approach is to gradually set the SII start date earlier. If you have a large amount of data, do this in small incremental steps and one Company at a time; for example, 1 month at a time over a period of 6 days.

Main changes in Software

  • GL Reconciliation: In this release we have added a new set of functionalities for General Ledger (GL) reconciliations. These are available from the new menu item General Ledger Reconciliation in the Reconciliation It includes the following new functions:
    • 2 basic reports
    • List of GL related custom reports
    • Function to reset statuses
    • Direct link to the configuration settings
    • Button that shows the GL template: An excel opens showing the template on how to deliver GL data in the right format.
  • For more detailed instructions, please visit the General Ledgers Reconciliation Manual in the main Menu > Help > Manuals
  • VAT Return Audit Trail Report & EC Listing Audit Trail Report: We have added a new feature called, Audit Trail. These reports show value changes and deletions made to the original VAT Reports and the EC listing. It shows changes made from the original report (before any change or deletion) to the final one.

    By default, the setting is disabled, but if you would like to use this feature it can be enabled in:
    General Settings > General > Audit Trail Enabled.

    To find further instructions on how to use this new feature, go to the main Menu > Help > Manuals > Audit Trail Manual.

Avalara Author
Jason Moore
Avalara Author Jason Moore
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