Indian GST registration

Businesses providing taxable goods or services in India are required to register for GST, and submit monthly returns. A business must register separately in each state where they are selling – there are 29 Indian states.

GST registration thresholds

Businesses must register if their taxable supplies are in excess of INR 2m. For the North East of India it is INR 1m.

It is possible to apply for a voluntary registration if below the above thresholds.

How to GST registered

Registration applications are made online via Goods and Services Tax Network portal.  The steps and information required are as follows:

  • Form GST Reg-01 is completed which includes the tax payer’s contact details, place of establishment and Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Evidence of tax payer’s status e.g. Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation
  • List of signatories for business
  • Additional documentation supporting the application may be requested, via the portal

Valid registrations should be granted within 3 working days of the application. Applications may be backdated by 30 days.

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