Taiwan VAT

Taiwan introduced Business Tax in 1931. This includes a Value Added Tax (VAT) and Gross Business Receipts Tax (GBRT)

It is operated by the Taiwan Ministry of Finance.

What activities require a Taiwanese registration?

Resident companies providing the following taxable goods or services may have to apply for a VAT registration number:

  • Domestic supplies of goods, including assets and real estate, within Taiwan
  • Domestic sale of services or intangibles within the country
  • Importing goods into Taiwan

B2B services provided to Taiwanese businesses do not require the foreign provider to register – the reverse charge should be applied instead.

Foreign companies cannot apply for a Taiwanese VAT number. Instead they must form a local entity, or use an agent, to provide a domestic taxable supply of goods or services. The exception is B2C digital services. The VAT registration threshold for this is TWD 480,000 per annum.

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