VAT Reporting - VAT compliance software

VAT Reporting addresses the complex automation needs of companies looking to increase their compliance accuracy and significantly reduce their dependency on manual processes and in-house or spreadsheet based technology.


Avalara VAT Reporting removes dependency on spreadsheets, increases accuracy and reduces cost by at least 40%*




VAT reporting & analysis software

VAT Reporting allows companies to file their VAT Returns and other indirect tax compliance reports in over 60 countries, including all the EU member states.

It is automatically populated on a daily basis with sales and purchase transaction data directly from your accounting/ERP system. Powerful data checking and validation identifies possible errors and anomalies that can usually be fixed within the taxation period rather than requiring adjustments to the returns.

VAT returns are submitted electronically to meet compliance with individual countries’ specific filing formats. Returns can also be displayed and saved in PDF format in the relevant local language or translated to English.



Import and reconcile your data with VAT Reporting

Data collection/imports and consolidation

  • Pre-built data extractors for SAP and Oracle
  • Collection of over 150 data transaction level fields
  • Data can be imported in other formats such as .txt, .csv, .xls, .xml to enable simple integration with any system
  • Automatic overnight import of compliance data

Automatic data checking on import

  • Over 160 data checks ensure the compliance data that goes into your VAT returns are as accurate as possible
  • Data is checked as it is loaded into VAT Reporting
  • Errors are pushed to an error queue for the compliance team to review
  • Daily extracts identify errors which can be corrected in the ERP


Reconciliation analysis and data mining

  • Automated support for VAT to GL reconciliation
  • Powerful data dictionary based VAT to Intrastat to VAT reconciliation
  • Intercompany reconciliation processes
  • Direct drill down from the return boxes to the underlying invoices
  • Data mining tools for flexible transactional reporting

Review processes and filing VAT returns

Audited manual adjustment processes

If adjustments are required, such as bad debt adjustments, they are made in a controlled, structured, and easily visible manner.

VAT Reporting separates duties between preparers and reviewers with a tax calendar powered dashboard for tracking completed and due filings.

Filing VAT returns in the correct format

  • VAT returns in over 60 countries including all EU member states and in local language
  • European Sales and Purchase Listings
  • Intrastat declarations (and extrastat where required) for all EU countries
  • Local listings and reverse charge listings (where required)
  • Sales and purchase ledgers
  • VAT Books in all required countries including (Polish JPK_VAT SAF-T form and Lithuanian iSAF filing)
  • Electronic VAT reclaims & filing
  • Direct online filing or XML upload where supported by the tax authority




Get help solving your VAT challenges

* ROI estimates are based on an analysis of past customer process effort improvements and are not an indication of the ROI every customer can expect. Avalara works together with our prospective customers to quantify potential savings for their specific circumstances.