Transfer you VAT registration to Avalara effortlessly and without cost

Need to find a new VAT Agent for a quick transfer?

You can quickly transfer all your existing European and global VAT registrations and returns to Avalara effortlessly and without any costs from us. It’s a simple matter of completing a few details to transfer the right to file, and you can ensure your filings will continue going in on time without any interruption.

Our automated VAT compliance transfer services includes:
  • Dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the process and
  • Full VAT compliance services around the globe with a single point-of contact
  • Simple to use client online portal for all communications, filings and full status of your filings
  • All VAT filings, Intrastat, EC Sales listing, Control Statements and e-invoicing from one single provider
  • Full Fiscal Representation service where you need it

Why Avalara?

We help businesses of all sizes stay compliant globally

Avalara is amongst the largest agents in the world for filing European and global VAT and GST returns, plus U.S. sales tax. We help thousands of businesses understand and stay on top of their international indirect tax obligations, supported by one of the most sophisticated automated infrastructures in the world.

We help businesses of all sizes, from the smallest to the world’s largest. And we cover all industry sectors - with back-up specialist VAT experts - including:

  • E-commerce
  • Complex B2B supply chain
  • Digital and electronic services to consumers
  • Global importers
  • Event managers
  • Commodity traders

A simple transfer process to keep you fully compliant – no costs for transfers

All we need you to do now is send us a few details, below, of where you are VAT registered. We will promptly send you a clear, step-by-step guide on how to effortlessly transfer these registrations to Avalara. This will include a quote of the ongoing returns so you have complete clarity on the costs going forward.

Contact us for a free quote and details of how to make this happen

Get a quote and details on the process to move your VAT registrations to Avalara today.


Just tell us:

1) Your country of establishment

2) Which sector/s you are in e.g.

  • Ecommerce
  • B2B supplies
  • Digital services
  • Events management
  • Other

3) Your current foreign VAT registrations