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2020 VAT rate changes

Below is a summary of the main January 2020 VAT rate changes announced from around the world....Continued

US Texas applies sales tax online gaming

Earlier this year, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts issued a decision to make income from the sales to Texan consumers of online games liable to sales tax. This was based on a remote provider ...Continued

Uganda VAT on foreign e-services

Uganda has clarified the requirements for foreign providers of digital services to levy 18% VAT on local consumers. The services include: download media; apps; e-books; online newspapers and journals;...Continued

Portugal delays VAT invoice software on foreign taxpayers to 2021

Portugal has again postponed the requirement on non-resident VAT registered businesses to produce VAT invoices on approved software packages. The new deadline is January 2021. It had previously been 1...Continued

Paraguay VAT on digital services and withholding VAT 2020

Paraguay has enacted a tax provision to impose VAT on sales of electronic services to its consumers. This is based on the customer being resident in Paraguay. This may be determined by their IP addres...Continued

Serbia VAT update

The Serbian parliament has approved a range of VAT changes. They will largely continue the harmonisation of the country’s indirect tax regime with the European Union....Continued

Argentina rolls out digital VAT books

Argentina is starting the roll out of its standard digital VAT book regime, which requires taxpayers to maintain tax-related transactions in prescribed digital ledger format. The ledgers include: sale...Continued

Colombia extends e-invoicing implementation

Colombia’s phased introduction of its CUFE electronic invoices is being delayed. The new roll out dates are split into two populations. For most businesses, the delay is 3 months....Continued

Bulgaria raises 2020 Intrastat threshold

Bulgaria is to raise its Intrastat reporting thresholds starting 1 January 2020. The new dispatches threshold will be BGN 290,000, currently BGN 280,000. The Arrivals threshold will be BGN 470,000, cu...Continued

HMRC backtracks on no-deal Brexit ‘Henry VIII’ powers

HMRC has announced that it will not deploy emergency no-deal Brexit powers to change or waive existing laws on VAT, customs and excise without Parliamentary consultation. This follows the threat of a ...Continued