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EU customs changes with ecommerce VAT package

EU customs for ecommerce is changing on 1 July 2021. This is based on the EU introducing a range of VAT measures for ecommerce sellers and marketplaces from 1 July 2021. These include: One-Stop-Shop (...Continued

Oman publishes VAT executive regulations

Ahead of the implementation of a 5% VAT in Oman, the Tax Authority has published the Executive Regulations which provide some details on the operations of the new Value Added Tax regime. The regulatio...Continued

China VAT measures for COVID-19

China has announced a range of Values Added Tax measures to assist businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. This includes cutting rates and reducing administration....Continued

EU DAC 7 – digital marketplace VAT reporting 2023

The European Council has approved new rules on data sharing between member states tax authorities of VAT transaction data provided by online digital platforms. The new measures, ‘DAC 7’ will come into...Continued

EU ecommerce package OSS for B2C services and events

The European Union’s VAT ecommerce package – effective 1 July 2021 - includes the right for providers of services and events organisers to consumers, B2C, to report their pan-EU sales in the new One-S...Continued

Don’t get your Brexit commodity codes wrong

If you want to continue selling goods cross-border between the UK and EU after 31 December 2020, you will have to learn about commodity codes. If you cannot accurately match your goods to the right co...Continued

EU 2021 IOSS VAT Intermediary

The EU will reform VAT on e-commerce on 1 July 2021 in its e-commerce VAT package. This will include a new pan-EU import VAT return, Import One-Stop-Shop IOSS return. Non-EU businesses will have to ap...Continued

US Maryland sales tax on foreign digital services

The US state of Maryland has imposed its sales tax on a wide range of digital services (‘digital products’ or ‘digital code’) from 14 March 2021. This includes non-resident providers and marketplaces ...Continued

UK ecommerce 2021 VAT changes for sellers & marketplaces

The UK’s HMRC has overhauled the rules of VAT for ecommerce from 1 January 2021. This was at the same time as the end of the Brexit transition period, which brought separate VAT and customs changes. T...Continued

Portugal VAT coronavirus measures

Portugal has announced a range of payment easements and other support for businesses, including delays on returns and payments...Continued