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EU VAT reclaim deadline extensions - 13th Directive

Many of the 27 members of the European Union are extending the VAT reclaim deadline for non-EU countries. The current deadline is 30 June 2020; this is now moving to 30 September 2020....Continued

Bulgaria no VAT return delays in COVID-19 crisis

The Bulgarian tax authorities will not extend Value Added Tax filings deadlines until further notice to help businesses through the coronavirus epidemic. The next VAT, EC Sales listing, Intrastat and ...Continued

Japan relaxes Consumption Tax filings for COVID-19

Japan is not going ahead with a halving of the main Consumption Tax rate to 5% to help businesses struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, it is opting for filing and payment delays for individ...Continued

Denmark delays VAT reporting and payments for coronavirus

Small taxpayers in Denmark will be able to consolidate their first and second quarter Value Added Tax returns to help alleviate the admin and cash flow payments during the COVID-19 crisis....Continued

Luxembourg VAT credits in coronavirus pandemic

The Luxembourg Ministry of Finance has confirmed speedy refunds of VAT credits due to businesses on balances below €10,000. This is designed to help businesses experiencing credit issues as a result o...Continued

Vietnam coronavirus 5-month VAT payment deferment

The Vietnamese Ministry of Finance is to offer a five-month Value Added Tax deferment to assist with companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures are targeting: small businesses; transport; ag...Continued

Moldova COVID-19 VAT rate cut

The Moldavian Ministry of Finance has proposed some initial Value Added Tax measures to assist businesses struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. VAT will be cut for the tourism indu...Continued

Israel delays VAT filing and payments on COVID-19

The Israeli Finance Minister, Moshe Kahlon and Tax Authority Director, Eran Yaakov, have announced a 10-day deferment on Value Added Tax filings and payments. The return due on 16 March is now due by ...Continued

Portugal VAT coronavirus measures

Portugal has announced a range of payment easements and other support for businesses. In the second quarter of 2020, VAT payments may be paid as follows by businesses with a turnover not exceeding €10...Continued

Italy closes tax and VAT service on coronavirus worries

Italy’s Agenzia Entrate has announced today the suspension of the tax and Value Added Tax system in response to the worsening coronavirus Covid-19 situation. ...Continued