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India postpones simplified GST returns

India has delayed the roll out this month of the new, simplified Goods and Services Tax returns. This is due to ongoing technical developments. There is no indication yet of when the new submissions w...Continued

US Virginia enacts Wayfair out-of-state Sales Tax

The US state of Virginia has become the latest state to introduce the economic nexus obligation on out-of-state sellers to charge can remit Sales Tax. The new provisions will come into force on 1 July...Continued

UK import VAT clarification

The UK’s HMRC has provided guidance on who can reclaim import VAT on goods entering the UK from outside the EU. Post-Brexit, this will include goods coming from the remaining EU 27 states....Continued


Malaysia foreign e-services 6% SST

The Malaysian parliament has approved a Bill imposing its new Sales and Service Tax (SST) on foreign providers of digital services to local consumers....Continued

Canada Manitoba Provincial Sales Tax 7% Jul 2019

The 2019 Manitoba budget includes a provision to reduce the Retail Sales Tax from 8% to 7% from 1 July 2019. ...Continued

EU e-invoice update 2019

EU member states are accelerating their plans towards mandatory e-invoicing. Countries like Italy are moving ahead of EU B2G obligations, extending to B2G and B2G transactions. They are also combining...Continued

UK Brexit delayed till 31 Oct 2019

EU leaders have agreed to delay again the UK’s exit from the EU until 31 October 2019. The UK may leave earlier if its Parliament passes the draft Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with EU states last y...Continued

EU reconsiders Financial Services VAT exemption

The EU’s European Council and Commission have announced a review of the financial services industry’s exemption from VAT. This follows failure to agree on an EU-wide Financial Transaction Tax....Continued

Brazil VAT implementation

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies are considering a bill to implement a Value Added Tax regime, consolidating a range of federal, state and municipal indirect taxes. The new tax, Imposto Único sobre B...Continued

Polish VAT spilt payments delayed to Jan 2020

Poland is to delay the introduction of mandatory VAT split payments until the start of 2020. It has already been delayed once this year. Optional split payments has been in operation since July 2018, ...Continued