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Brazil VAT breakthrough?

Brazil operates one of the most complex indirect tax regimes in the world. It has numerous levies, at federal, state and municipal levels. Many overlap, and lead to compounding taxes and act as a muff...Continued

Brazil 3% Digital Services Tax proposal

A further turnover tax on digital services, Digital Services Tax, is being considered in Brazil. This would be a 3% levy on advertising and other data services. ...Continued

Brazil tax measures for COVID-19

The Brazilian government and Ministry of Economy has announced the General Attorney of Finance (PGFN) will suspend until the start of July existing measures against taxpayers for non-compliance on ind...Continued

Brazil 12% VAT on goods and services proposal

Brazil has launched a proposal to implement VAT at 12% on goods and services. This would replace the complex PIS and CONFINS federal taxes The new tax, CBS, will be simpler and easier for businesses t...Continued

Brazil COFINS digital services tax proposal

The Brazil Senate is proposing imposing a new COFINS levy on providers of digital services to local consumers. COFINS - the federal tax contribution to the Social Security Financing paid on company re...Continued

Brazil e-books ICMS tax exempt

The Brazilian federal supreme court has confirmed e-books are exempt from ICMS tax. The ruling at the end of April confirmed electronic books and supply of readers for importation and sale were exemp...Continued

Brazil to consolidate VAT implementation plans

Brazil is setting up a tax reform commission to review and consolidate a number of VAT implementation bills passing through the legislator at present. The agreement by leaders of the both houses of th...Continued