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Thailand VAT on digital services near

The Thailand cabinet has approved on 9 June a draft law on imposing 7% VAT on digital or electronic services provided by non-resident providers to local consumers. The bill now moves to the parliament...Continued

Bulgaria cuts e-book VAT rate to 9%

Bulgaria has become the latest EU country to cut the Value Added Tax rate on electronic books from 20% to 9%. The cut is only temporary until 31 December 2020....Continued

Hungary live VAT invoice changes July 2020

Hungary has confirmed that it is going ahead with changes to its live VAT invoice reporting regime, including dropping the threshold for individual B2B invoices. The reporting timeline is also being r...Continued

Mauritius VAT on foreign digital services

Mauritius is to impose Value Added Tax collections obligations on the providers of digital or electronic services to its consumers. This will include hotel and house-sharing services. The current Maur...Continued

Mexico COVID-19 VAT cut to 10% proposal

The Mexican senate is to consider a bill to reduce the Value Added Tax rate from 16% to 10% for six months untill the end of 2020. The measure is in recognition of the financial difficulties businesse...Continued

Greece e-book & e-invoice new rollout

Greece has updated the plan to mandate e-books and e-ledgers this year....Continued

COVID-19 threatens global tax wars

A new round of cross-border tax wars is being ignited as governments struggle to control ballooning coronavirus deficits, and launch ‘self-sufficiency’ economic strategies. ...Continued

Costa Rica VAT cut to 9% proposal

Costa Rica is to considering cutting Value Added Tax on the current standard rate of 13% to 9%. The reduction to help businesses cope with the COVID-19 epidemic would be in place for one year....Continued

UK delays construction VAT reverse charge to March 2021

The UK has again delayed the introduction of the domestic reverse charge for the construction sector. The policy, which eliminates the cash-element of B2B payments, is aimed at reducing VAT fraud. Thi...Continued

Germany cuts VAT from 19% to 16% until 31 Dec 2020

Germany has announced a €130billion COVID-19 stimulus package including a cut in the standard Value Added Tax rate from 19% to 16% from 1 July to 31 December 2020. The reduced VAT rate of 7% will als...Continued