Italy Esterometro declaration

Resident Italian VAT-registered businesses must complete a quarterly (prior to 2020 monthly) listing, Esterometro,  of all cross-border sales and purchase invoices. This reporting obligation was introduced for all invoices issued after 1 January 2019, following the implementation of Sistema di Interscambio  (SdI) live invoice reporting for B2B and B2C invoices. The Esterometro captures all the invoice not mandated for SdI live reporting. It replaced the Spesometro filing.

Key requirements of the Esterometro are:

  • Quarterly filing by resident taxpayers only
  • Listing of sales and purchases to or from non-resident customers and suppliers, including:
    • Domestic supplies;
    • IC acquisitions;
    • Exports or imports without customs declarations; and
    • Purchases of services from non-residents.
  • Transactional data will include: VAT number of Italian supplier/customer; Date; Invoice number; Tax base; VAT due; exemptions
  • Due the last working day of the month following the quarter the purchase or sales invoice was raised
  • The following invoices may be excluded:
    • Any sales invoices reported through SdI. The non-resident is still entitled to a paper/PDF invoice from the Italian supplier since SdI will not issue it.
    • Imports or exports where a customs document was raised since this will be automatically reported to the tax authorities
  • Non-residents are not required to complete the Esterometro, including for domestic supplies.
  • The report is filed in XML, with the tax payers digital signature, on the tax authorities’ Fatture e Corrispettivi web portal, or by HTTPS or FTP.
  • Fines for non-compliance are €2 per missed invoice, with a maximum of €1,000

Need a fiscal representative in Italy?

Non-EU businesses selling in Italy will need to appoint a fiscal representative alongside completing VAT registration and returns.
Fiscal representatives are responsible for the accurate VAT submissions of their non-EU clients.
Avalara offers a Fiscal Representative Service as part of its international VAT and GST Registration and Returns Service.

Need help with your Italian VAT compliance?

Researching Italian VAT legislation is the first step to understanding your VAT compliance needs. Avalara has a range of solutions that can help your business depending on where and how you trade. 

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