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Ukraine to introduce VAT on digital services from January 1, 2022

Starting on January 1, 2022, Ukraine now requires non-resident digital service providers to register, charge and remit VAT at the standard rate on the sale of digital services to local consumers (B2C)...Continued

Ukrainian VAT on digital services January 2022

The Ukrainian parliament is considering imposing VAT on foreign providers of digital services from 2022. This is a delay from the original 2021 plan. See Avalara’s global VAT on digital services track...Continued

Ukraine VAT payment deferment for COVID-19

Ukraine is to offer a Value Added Tax payment holiday until the end of May 2020. No late payment interest will be due for liabilities deferred. However, returns must still be filed. These are generall...Continued

Ukraine VAT cut to 17% 2021

The Ukrainian government has prepared a draft budget lowering the standard VAT rate from 20% to 17% on 1 January 2021. Ukraine is proposing to extend the VAT to electronic services provided by non-res...Continued

Ukraine VAT on foreign e-services proposal

Ukraine has proposed obliging non-resident providers of electronic services to consumers to charge and collect Value Added Tax. Digital or electronic services includes: streaming or downloads of video...Continued