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Argentina VAT measures for coronavirus

The Argentinian government has announced a range of tax measures to assist business during the COVID-19 outbreak. There is no commitment on delayed VAT filings or payments....Continued

China VAT measures for COVID-19

China has announced a range of Values Added Tax measures to assist businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. This includes cutting rates and reducing administration....Continued

Paraguay delays VAT on e-services to Jan 2021

Paraguay has announced that it will postpone the 1 July 2020 implementation date for VAT electronic and digital services for foreign providers. It will now be introduced on 1 January 2021. The postpon...Continued

Israel delays VAT filing and payments on COVID-19

The Israeli Finance Minister, Moshe Kahlon and Tax Authority Director, Eran Yaakov, have announced a 10-day deferment on Value Added Tax filings and payments. The return due on 16 March is now due by ...Continued

US sales tax checklist to get compliant

If you are selling from abroad to US businesses or consumers, then most of the states will expect you to be charging sales tax following the 2018 Wayfair Supreme Court ruling. ...Continued

Poland SAF-T (JPK_K) delay 1 Oct 2020

The Polish Ministry of Finance is considering a further delay to 1 October 2020 of the introduction of the new version of SAF-T (JPK_K 7) reporting regime, designed to replace the regular VAT return....Continued

Slovenia VAT filings delays for coronavirus

Slovenia has offered businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak the opportunity to apply for a deferral of their Value Added Tax payments. If granted, this would come without any penalties or intere...Continued

Mexico updates VAT on foreign e-services providers

Mexico is to impose Value Added Tax collection obligations on non-resident providers of digital or electronic service providers to consumers. This includes downloads or streaming media, app’s, e-books...Continued

Nigeria VAT measures for coronavirus

The Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service has delayed the deadlines on Value Added Tax returns to help businesses during the COVID-19 crisis....Continued