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US Arkansas remote sellers sales tax Jan 2020

Arkansas is to require out-of-state sellers to collect and charge sales tax on transactions with local consumers. The new legislation also imposes marketplace collection obligations on online platform...Continued

Austria VAT registration threshold rise

Austria is proposing to increase its VAT registration threshold from €30,000 to €35,000 per annum. The plan was introduced as part of a wide range of tax reliefs by the Federal Ministry of Finance on ...Continued

Italy new marketplace e-commerce VAT reporting

The Italian Revenue Agency has proposed deferring its recent marketplace deemed supplier VAT rules until 2021, when the rest of the EU will act in unison. However, it is instead planning on introduci...Continued

US California sales tax on out-of-state e-commerce

California approved this week legislation to make out-of-state retailers liable to charge and collect sales tax on consumer sales. The extension of the tax net to non-resident e-commerce sellers is ba...Continued


India GST B2B e-invoice live reporting Sep 2019

The Indian authority overseeing the Goods and Services Tax regime, the GST Council, has proposed introducing electronic invoices. This would include the requirement to submit B2B sales invoices in rea...Continued

Thailand e-commerce withholding VAT

Thailand has proposed a withholding tax on e-commerce sales of goods and services. The measure is particularly aimed at sales to non-resident online sellers who are showing high levels of VAT evasion....Continued

Costa Rica Uber to charge 13% VAT

Online ride-sharing company, Uber, has announced that it will be charging 13% VAT to consumers using its services. The change in policy may to head of draft plans to raise a higher rate services tax o...Continued


Kuwait VAT launch April 2021

Kuwait is reported to be planning to implement a 5% VAT regime from 1 April 2019....Continued

US co-opt marketplaces on sales tax

US states are increasingly forcing online marketplaces to report and collect sales taxes due by third-party sellers on their platforms....Continued

Italy attempts to avoid VAT hike

Italy’s government is attempting to reach a consensus on budget deficit reduction measures to avoid a scheduled increase in its VAT rate from 22% to 24.2% in January 2020....Continued