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Finland cuts VAT rate on e-books

Finland has become the latest EU member state to reduce the VAT rate on electronic books....Continued

India cuts GST on range of supplies

The Indian Goods and Services Tax Council has agreed on to cut the GST rate on over 20 goods and services. The reductions, mostly from the 28% to 18% rate, will come in on 1 January 2019 ...Continued

EU e-book VAT rate cuts

Following agreement by EU member states to permit cutting the VAT rate on e-books and online journals to match the reduced/zero rating permitted on their paper-based equivalents, the following countri...Continued

Turkey hikes VAT on e-books

Turkey has raised the Value Added Tax rate on electronic books and online journals from the 1% and 8% reduced rates, respectively, to the standard rate of 18%. The change is contained within President...Continued

Lithuania cuts VAT on books

The Lithuanian parliament has agreed to reduce the VAT rate on electronic books, newspapers etc from 21% to 5% from 1 January 2019....Continued


Uganda levies VAT on non-resident e-services

Uganda has announced plans to levy its 18% VAT on non-resident providers of digital and electronic services to consumers. This includes: ...Continued


Bangladesh VAT implementation 2021

Bangladesh is planning to introduce an overhauled Value Added Tax regime in January 2021. ...Continued

Qatar VAT delay until after 2019

The Qatar Ministry of Finance has confirmed that it will not introduce a Value Added Tax regime in 2019. The ministry stated it is still evaluating the potential impacts....Continued


South Korea levies 10% VAT on foreign digital services

South Korea is to require non-resident providers of digital services to consumers liable to charge 10% VAT from 1 July 2019...Continued

EU e-services VAT thresholds

From 1 January 2019, EU member states introduce two VAT and invoicing simplifications to the B2C digital services Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) regime. This covers the 2015 reforms to destination-based V...Continued