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US Wisconsin scraps sales tax threshold for foreign sellers

Foreign sellers of goods to Wisconsin consumers will now have to immediately register for sales tax to charge local online shoppers. The state withdrew the annual sales registration threshold of $100,...Continued

Ireland suspend late VAT penalties on coronavirus crisis

The Irish Revenue Commission has announced tax measures to help business with cashflow issues arising from the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. ...Continued

Poland drops UK Fiscal Representative requirement

Poland has reversed its requirement for UK businesses with a Polish VAT registration to appoint a Brexit Fiscal Representative. This follows the inclusion of a Mutual Assistance Protocol in the EU-UK ...Continued

Spain withdraws VAT local bank payments requirement

Non-resident businesses with Spanish VAT registrations will no longer be required to make regular VAT settlements via a Spanish bank account. This will apply to VAT payables from March 2021, and taxpa...Continued

Germany to miss postal operators IOSS July 2021 launch

German customs authorities have warned that the portal to support the new Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) will not be ready for postal operators for the EU e-commerce VAT package on 1 July 2021. This will...Continued

Brexit VAT & import duties refund on returns or own goods

Following the UK’s exit from the EU from 1 Jan 2021, many e-commerce businesses are struggling with the cost of import VAT, customs duties or excise duty on goods returned by customers. However, it i...Continued

Singapore GST on ecommerce imports Jan 2023

Singapore is to impose Goods and Services Tax (GST) on imported sales of goods from 1 January 2023. Currently, imports not exceeding SGD 400 (about €250) are exempt from GST. Non-digital B2C services ...Continued

Brexit VAT & Customs checklist

What are the key actions businesses should take following the UK leaving the EU Customer Union and VAT regime on 1 January 2021 A checklist of VAT and Customs actions to keep goods moving and limit V...Continued

Germany VAT measures for coronavirus outbreak

Germany extended again the option to apply for a VAT holiday during the COVID crisis. Businesses may not apply for payment plans into 2021. 2020 fines will be suspended. ...Continued

Germany Bundestag e-invoice and TNA proposition

German members of parliament have called for the adoption of an Italian SdI e-invoice regime to fight large-scale VAT fraud. In addition, they call for Germany to join the Transaction Network Analysi...Continued