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Zambia 9% Sales Tax delay till July 2019

Zambia has postponed the replacement of its existing VAT regime with a Sale Tax until 1 July 2019. The original plan had been 1 April....Continued

Chile VAT foreign B2C digital services

Chile has dropped plans to impose a 10% turnover tax on digital services provided by the likes of Facebook, Airbnb, Google and Spotify to its consumers. Instead it will levy 19% VAT....Continued

Portugal delays compulsory e-invoices

Portugal has delayed the imposition of electronic invoices on all B2G transactions to 1 July 2019....Continued

Romania withdraws mandatory VAT split payments

Romania has dropped the requirement for mandatory VAT split payments following a November order from the European Commission. ...Continued

UK Making Tax Digital for VAT – Avalara’s FREE MTD Filer

The UK launched its Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTD) on 1 April 2019. Avalara's FREE MTD Filer Excel add-in can now help file HMRC returns....Continued

German e-book VAT 7%

Germany has committed to introducing legislation to reduce the VAT rate on e-books, online journals and newspapers from 19% to 7%....Continued

UK Northern Ireland Brexit import VAT reporting

The UK’s HMRC has announced today a new quarterly import VAT declaration service to be launched in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The measure will help towards preventing any VAT checks at the Norther...Continued

Japan ¥2 trillion stimulus for Oct 2019 Consumption Tax rise to 10%

Japan is set to raise its Consumption Tax rate from 8% to 10% on 1 October 2019. To prevent a repeat of the last increase’s collapse in consumer spending, Parliament has this week approved a ¥2 trilli...Continued


South Africa extends e-services VAT to B2B April 2019

The South African National Treasury has published details of the extension of the responsibility for non-resident providers of electronic services to businesses to charge and collect 15% VAT from 1 Ap...Continued

UK MPs take control of Brexit

UK Members of Parliament last night voted for a series of ‘indicative votes’ on the next alternatives in the process they may have a majority for....Continued