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Denmark delays VAT loan repayments for coronavirus

Small taxpayers in Denmark will be able to consolidate their first and second quarter Value Added Tax returns to help alleviate the admin and cash flow payments during the COVID-19 crisis....Continued

Thailand delays VAT due coronavirus

The Thai Ministry of Finance has published delayed deadlines for the filing and payment of Value Added Tax returns....Continued

Poland launches B2B e-invoice consultation

Poland has issued a public consultation on imposing mandatory electronic B2B invoicing by 2023 to help reduce VAT fraud. Initially, there will be a voluntary phase from October 2021. ...Continued

UK 2% online sales tax proposal

The UK is reported as considering an online sales tax on ecommerce sellers and marketplaces to help support struggling high-street retailers. This could mean a turnover tax on online sales to UK consu...Continued

Slovakia e-invoice proposal

Slovakia has published legal proposals to require B2B government pre-apprroved electronic invoicing. This would extend to B2C invoices if not already issued by VAT cash registers. ...Continued

US attractive ecommerce opportunity – beware of sales tax trap

Many European and international ecommerce sellers are looking to the US for further expansion as it continues to expand through the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes many UK sellers who are finding EU...Continued

Poland to revisit UK Brexit fiscal representative

Poland may review its decision to require UK businesses to appoint a VAT fiscal representative following Brexit. However, the requirement is still in place for the time being....Continued

Germany extends COVID 7% restaurant VAT rate to Dec 2022

The ruling parties of the German coalition have agreed to extend the temporary VAT rate cut for the restaurant sector until December 2022. The current cut from the standard 19% to the reduced 7% rate ...Continued

Botswana raises VAT from 12% to 14% April 2021

Botswana is to raise its standard VAT rate from 12% to 14%. The measure is to shore up revenues following the COVID-19 crisis which has affected its tourism and mining sectors. There will also be an i...Continued

Turkey COVID-19 VAT relief measures

Turkey is offering VAT filings and payment delays for specific sectors. There has also been a limited VAT rate cut to certain sectors....Continued