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France COVID-19 VAT rate cut

France is considering a Value Added Tax rate cut as part of a €100 billion investment package to boost its economy as it comes out of the coronavirus health crisis. The plans will be detailed in the f...Continued

Ecuador VAT delays for coronavirus

Ecuador has gazetted easements on Value Added Tax compliance to assist businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. The measures are limited to small enterprises, and airlines, holiday operators, agricultur...Continued

Canada Saskatchewan PST on marketplaces

The Canadian Saskatchewan province has extended Provincial Sales Tax liabilities to online marketplaces from the start of 2020. This includes providers of digital services, including home sharing webs...Continued

Oman VAT implementation advances

The prospect of 5% Value Added Tax regime in the Gulf State of Oman by early 2021 has progressed. The Omani Shura Council has approved the draft VAT Law, and has now referred it to the State Council. ...Continued

Bolivia consolidates VAT into other business taxes

The Bolivian government is to introduce a consolidated VAT and tax regime for small businesses to support them during the COVID-19 epidemic. The annual threshold to qualify for the simplification is ...Continued

Poland import VAT deferment

Poland introduced the option to defer import Value Added Tax from 1 July 2020. This enables Polish VAT registered businesses to instead declare the VAT through their next VAT return without any cash p...Continued

UK Northern Ireland Brexit customs Trader Support Service

The UK government has launched a digital customs declarations service, ‘Trader Support Service’ for businesses moving goods from Northern Ireland (NI) to the rest of the UK (Great Britain or GB). This...Continued

Bolivia tax cuts during coronavirus crisis

Bolivia has delayed tax filings and cut rates to help businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. It has cut its Transaction Tax, a 3% levy on sales, for the April, May and June. VAT is excluded from the g...Continued

Bulgaria cuts VAT on tours and alcohol

Bulgaria has proposed that it switches the following services from the standard VAT rate to the reduced rate of 9%: entrance to gyms and other sports facilities; provision of tour holidays; alcohol se...Continued