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Romania cuts reduced VAT on hotels and restaurants

Romania has reclassified the following supplies from its 9% reduced VAT rate to the 5% rate:...Continued


India simplified GST returns April 2019

Following the technical issue on the July 2017 introduction of Goods and Services Tax in India, a new simplified GST return will be launched from April 2019...Continued


Costa Rica 13% VAT launch July 2019

Costa Rica has confirmed that it will introduce a 13% VAT regime to replace the existing 13% Sales Tax. The reform will include bringing services into the indirect tax net for the first time....Continued

Netherlands introduces VAT threshold

The Netherlands is to introduce a €25,000 annual VAT registration threshold from 1 January 2020...Continued


Bahrain limits VAT to large companies

The Ministry of Finance has commented on the planned October 2019 implementation ...Continued


China extends e-commerce VAT concessions

The Chinese State Council has extended the current VAT discount and duty exemption for small value e-commerce imports to consumers...Continued

Italy refuses SdI e-invoice launch delay

Italian Senators last week rejected two applications to delay the January 2019 introduction of SdI electronic invoice reporting for B2B and B2C transactions....Continued

UK Brexit VAT and customs update

The EU27 governments have now agreed the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA) which sets out the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU on 29 March 2019. This includes a 19-month transition period until 31 De...Continued


India 18% GST on back office outsourcing exports

An Indian advance rulings authority has held that Indian businesses providing non-resident companies with certain accounting outsourced services will have to charge 18% Goods and Services Tax....Continued

Spain extends SII e-reporting to Canary Islands Jan 2019

Spain is to extend its live Immediate Information Supply (SII) regime to the Canary Islands from 1 January 2019...Continued