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UK defers £30bn VAT payments till 30 June on COVID-19 coronavirus

The UK has announced that all VAT payments are postponed for the next three months until the end of June 2020. Settlement is due by 31 March 2021. This will benefit around 2 million VAT payers, and af...Continued

UK brings forward e-book and electronic publications VAT cut

The UK is to bring forward the VAT cut on e-books, online newspapers and journals to 1 May 2020. It was originally scheduled for 1 December 2020. The acceleration of the measure is aimed at supporting...Continued

Russia VAT and coronavirus

Russia has implemented a range of tax easements to assist businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic....Continued

China prolongs small business loan interest VAT exemption

China has extended the VAT exemption on interest income from loans to small businesses. The aim is to provide continuing support to growth companies and entrepreneurs....Continued

Belgium enforces UK Brexit VAT fiscal representative

Belgium is informing UK traders that they must plan to appoint fiscal representatives ahead of the December 2020 end of the Brexit transition period. At this point, the UK leaves the EU VAT regime. Be...Continued

Turkey COVID-19 VAT relief measures

Turkey is offering VAT filings and payment delays for specific sectors. There has also been a limited VAT rate cut to certain sectors....Continued

Indonesia VAT coronavirus measures

Indonesia has introduced a range of Value Added Tax and direct tax measures to assist businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. ...Continued

Germany VAT payment holiday till Dec 2020 for coronavirus outbreak

Germany has updated its VAT deferment offer during the COVID-19 crisis. The Germany Ministry of Finance, Bundesfinanzministerium (BMF), has announced that businesses may apply for a delay on Value Add...Continued

Spain closes tax office on coronavirus epidemic

Spain has closed its VAT and tax offices from 15 March for face-to-face meetings today. But other operations are still in place. Spain has announced VAT and other tax payment holiday for small busines...Continued

Senegal VAT reliefs for coronavirus

Senegal is proposing a range of economic measures to help businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic. This includes Value Added Tax reliefs....Continued