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Malta VAT changes for coronavirus

Malta has announced the deferment of VAT payments for March and April to help businesses coping with the COVID crisis. The Value Added Tax delayed will be paid in one instalment in two months’ time. H...Continued

Hungary COVID 2.5% retail turnover tax on ecommerce

Hungary is to launch a retail turnover tax, which includes both high street and online retailers. Non-resident sellers, targeting Hungarian consumers, are also liable to the tax. ...Continued

France delays EU exporter of record reforms for COVID-19

France has joined the Netherlands in delaying new EU rule that only EU-established businesses may act as the exporter of record, and that they are party to the contract under which the goods are expor...Continued

UAE delays VAT returns and payments for COVID-19

The United Arab Emirates' Federal Tax Authority has confirmed that it will permit late VAT payments and filings....Continued

Spain cuts e-book VAT rate to 4%

Spain has proposed cutting its VAT rate on digital publications from 21% to 4%....Continued

Nigeria VAT measures for coronavirus

The Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service has delayed the deadlines on Value Added Tax returns to help businesses during the COVID-19 crisis....Continued

Denmark delays VAT reporting and payments for coronavirus

Small taxpayers in Denmark will be able to consolidate their first and second quarter Value Added Tax returns to help alleviate the admin and cash flow payments during the COVID-19 crisis....Continued

Greek e-invoices delayed until June 2020

The first stage launch of Greek e-books and e-invoices has been pushed back until at least 1 June 2020....Continued

Panama VAT concessions for COVID-19 crisis

The Panamanian government has announced plans to delay filings and payments of Value Added Tax in light of the coronavirus epidemic....Continued

Iceland COVID-19 VAT measures

Iceland has agreed Value Added Tax and other tax benefits for businesses during the coronavirus epidemic....Continued