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Germany extends COVID 7% restaurant VAT rate to Dec 2022

The ruling parties of the German coalition have agreed to extend the temporary VAT rate cut for the restaurant sector until December 2022. The current cut from the standard 19% to the reduced 7% rate ...Continued

Botswana raises VAT from 12% to 14% April 2021

Botswana is to raise its standard VAT rate from 12% to 14%. The measure is to shore up revenues following the COVID-19 crisis which has affected its tourism and mining sectors. There will also be an i...Continued

Turkey COVID-19 VAT relief measures

Turkey is offering VAT filings and payment delays for specific sectors. There has also been a limited VAT rate cut to certain sectors....Continued

Saudi Arabia delays VAT payments by 3 months on COVID-19 crisis

Saudi Arabia has offered Value Added Tax payment deferments for businesses for three months. There also reliefs from a range of government charges and customs. The measures were announced on 20 March ...Continued

Macedonia delays VAT returns on COVID-19

Macedonia has become the latest state to ease the Value Added Tax compliance obligations in recognition of the business disruption caused by the Coronavirus epidemic....Continued

Netherlands COVID-19 VAT 3-month payment delay

The Dutch tax agency has extended out to start of 2021 the option to apply for a 3-month VAT payment deferral to July 2021...Continued

US ecommerce sales tax for foreigners simplified with SST

Many European and global online sellers are beginning to find success in the US market. However, this now means US state sales tax collection obligations following the extension of taxing obligations ...Continued

UK Northern Ireland B2C distance selling after Brexit

Northern Ireland (NI) VAT and customs has taken up a new dual UK-EU position as part of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. What are the rules on selling goods to consumers from the EU to NI and vice ver...Continued

Uganda eases VAT filings and interest for COVID-19

The Ugandan Revenue Authority has announced a delay in Value Added Tax filings and payments to assist businesses during the coronavirus virus epidemic. ...Continued