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India to launch GST lottery

India’s Ministry of Finance has proposed plans to launch a Goods & Services Tax lottery, based on valid receipts consumers receive for their purchases. The aim is to encourage all transactions to be p...Continued

Polish retail sales tax delayed until Jul 2020

An ongoing legal dispute between Poland and the EU Commission over the legality of a retail tax has meant its implementation has been delayed again. This time to 1 July 2020....Continued

Ecuador VAT on e-services

Ecuador has become the latest state to announce plans to levy VAT on the provision of electronic services by non-resident providers to its consumer. This would be the second attempt to extend the Valu...Continued

Moldova VAT on e-services Jan 2020

The Moldavian government has proposed levying VAT on foreign providers of electronic services to its consumers. This would include registering immediately, with no annual VAT registration threshold, a...Continued

India compulsory e-invoices April 2020

The Indian Goods & Services Tax Council has proposed a revised plan for the roll out of live e-invoice reporting from 2020. E-invoices will be initial voluntary from the start of next year, and then b...Continued

Luxembourg raises VAT registration threshold 2020

Luxembourg is proposing to raise its Value Added Tax registration threshold from €30,000 to €35,000 from 1 January 2020....Continued

French VAT fraud hits €15 billion

The French public auditors, Cour des Comptes, has estimated that VAT fraud has hit €15billion per annum. The auditors have called for the government to step-up fraud detection measures which it believ...Continued

EU VAT 4 Quick Fixes Call-Off Stock EC Sales Listing

The EU has agreed to introduce four ‘quick fixes’ from 1 January 2020 to the B2B cross-border transactions. These help clarify when zero-VAT rating may be applied, and harmonise the VAT registration o...Continued

Germany raises VAT registration threshold

Germany is to raise its VAT registration threshold from €17,500 to €22,000 from 1 January 2020....Continued