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South Africa raises B2C e-services registration threshold

South Africa is to increase the VAT registration threshold on foreign providers of electronic services to consumer from the ZAR50,000 to ZAR1million. This is calculated on a rolling 12-month calendar....Continued

EU agrees 2021 marketplace deemed supplier VAT

EU member states have agreed to make online market places responsible for charging and collecting VAT for their non-EU sellers in a bid to recover €5bn in VAT fraud....Continued

Portugal SAF-T 2019 filings

Portugal has updated the annual data reporting rules for the resident mandatory Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T). ...Continued


Congo raises VAT registration threshold

The Republic of Congo has increased its annual VAT registration threshold. It is now FCFA 60million per annum, effective from 1 February 2019. The threshold also applies to foreign businesses providin...Continued

Iceland ends Fiscal Representative obligation

Iceland is to drop the obligation for non-resident, foreign VAT payers to appoint a fiscal representative. From 1 July 2019, foreign businesses selling to Icelandic consumers may register to declare l...Continued


Africa VAT union update

2019 promises to be a defining year for Africa as it is on the brink of becoming a single market. ...Continued

UK import VAT Brexit update

The UK’s HMRC has provided updates on the treatment of import VAT on EU goods movements in the case of a no-deal Brexit on 29 March 2019....Continued

France e-invoice submissions update

France is edging towards following Spain, Hungary and Italy with live VAT invoice submissions to the tax authorities. France has been phasing in electronic invoice issuance and clearing via the tax au...Continued

UK only 20% businesses Brexit customs ready

HMRC estimates that 245,000 businesses buy and sell goods with other EU27 states. When the UK leaves the Customs Union, 29 March, all movements of goods must be declared for customs, tariffs and VAT. ...Continued


China VAT cut to 13% on tariffs concerns

China is reported to be considering a 3% cut in its standard VAT rate of 16% to help its manufacturers struggling with US tariffs, slowing global demand and a domestic debt overhang. ...Continued