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Kenya cuts VAT to 14% to combat COVID-19

Kenya has announced that it plans to reduce its standard Value Added Tax rate from 16% to 14% on 1 April 2020. The aim is to aleviate the downtown from the coronavirus panedmic....Continued

South Korea VAT coronavirus reliefs

South Korea has introduced a number of Value Added Tax easements to help businesses during the economic slowdown. ...Continued

Cyprus VAT easements for coronavirus crisis

Cyprus implemented on 27 March delays on penalties for VAT payments for all businesses. This is an update as previously only businesses below €1 million turnover or with a 25% reduction in turnover we...Continued

China extends cross-border e-commerce zones

The Chinese State Council has extended the existing pilot zones for e-commerce. This includes help for small and medium sized businesses. The pilots have been running for several years, aiming at boos...Continued

Spain launches pre-completed VAT returns

Following on from the success of its SII live invoice reporting platform launch, Spain has begun issuing pre-filled Value Added Tax returns. The returns, modelo 303, are prepopulated with invoice tran...Continued

Australia GST COVID-19 measures

The Australian Taxation Office is providing coronavirus crisis Goods and Services Tax (GST) relief for importers....Continued

Japan relaxes Consumption Tax filings for COVID-19

Japan is not going ahead with a halving of the main Consumption Tax rate to 5% to help businesses struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, it is opting for filing and payment delays for individ...Continued

Croatia COVID-19 VAT deferrals

Croatia is to allow VAT registered businesses to delay their Value Added Tax liabilities due in April out to July. There will be no penalties or late interest charges. But returns must still be filed ...Continued

Czech coronavirus VAT emergency measures

The Czech Chamber of Deputies has passed urgent measures to assist businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. Businesses will be offered tax payment delays; but this is not automatic. ...Continued

Lithuania offers Covid-19 VAT delayed payments

Lithuania has committed to Value Added Tax payment relief, in addition to other taxes, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The measures will be confirmed tomorrow. The country is due to impose qu...Continued