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Wacky Tax Wednesday: First Bollywood movie to be exempted from GST

Bollywood movie starring Indian actor Akshay Kumar was given a special VAT, and later GST exemption because the movie promoted the need to build toilets within homes and curb open defecation. ...Continued

New measures by GST portal to serve taxpayers better

Goods and Services Tax Network announced new measures to better serve taxpayers while keeping them honest. Here are the latest updates on the newly upgraded GST portal and new measures to nip tax frau...Continued

Key considerations for brands and e-tailers in India who are gearing up for festive bonanza

If this is your first time managing e-commerce operations or you are exploring e-commerce as a priority sales channel, here are the different hurdles you are likely to face during the festive season. ...Continued

Making festive season sales easier with GST compliance technology

If retail, consumer goods, FMCG, e-commerce companies and brands want to focus on their core operations, they have to get their GST compliance technology right to manage their GST returns, e-way bills...Continued

E-invoicing and the future of GST compliance in India

E-invoicing will apply to businesses with an annual turnover exceeding ₹100 crores from January 1, 2021. Finally, all business to business (B2B) transactions, irrespective of turnover will be required...Continued

Recent Announcements and Updates on E-invoicing Under GST

Recent announcements and updates on e-invoicing under GST - deferment of IRN generation, QR code, e-invoicing for B2B transactions by businesses above INR 100 crores turnover from January 1, 2021....Continued

E-Invoicing – India’s road ahead for digital transformation and tax automation

India is still in its nascent stage of establishing the Goods and Services Tax and subsequent related mechanisms. Nevertheless, it has the potential and the opportunity to lead Asia into evolving as a...Continued

41st GST Council Meet Highlights

The Goods and Services Tax Council met today in their 41st GST council meeting to discuss the GST compensation to States for shortfall in revenue collections...Continued

Imposition of GST in the publishing industry can curb piracy

While digitisation has paved the pathway for an environment friendly, economical and easily accessible network for sharing the written word, the declining publishing industry might not see digitisatio...Continued

Permanent work from home a possibility. Is your biz prepared?

Recently, a well-known FMCG company in India put up its headquarters for lease. The reason? It has asked the 300 employees serving at its headquarters to permanently work from home. While this is an u...Continued