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Impact of e-way bill on logistics industry

The logistics industry in India is expected to grow rapidly under GST, largely thanks to the reduced checkpoints, warehouse consolidation, and automated technology resulting from the implementation of...Continued

How to manage e-way bills with ease

Generating e-way bills manually is a painstaking, error-prone task, especially with hundreds or thousands of transactions a day, which is why businesses are turning to technological solutions to help ...Continued

No more leniency — Noncompliant taxpayers start receiving GST notices

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council authorities have recently begun issuing non-compliance notices to taxpayers to help address gaps in data, increase tax revenue, and improve the timeliness of GST f...Continued

Appellate Authority of Advance Ruling

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council has put forth a new provision, the Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling (AAAR) to allow taxpayers to appeal rulings by the AAR...Continued

One return per month: GST Council eases filing requirements

At its 27th meeting held on 4 May, announced it will scrap the “36 returns system” and roll out a new, simpler “12 returns system” in the next six months. Read more.....Continued

E-way bill: Guide to preventing and dealing with seizure of goods

Violating the provisions of an e-way bill or not generating an e-way bill when one’s required can result in both monetary and nonmonetary losses to the taxpayer...Continued

e-Way bills: rules and compliance regulations

As of April 1, 2018, it became mandatory to file e-way bills for the movement of goods interstate. The government expects the new e-way bill system to provide several benefits. ...Continued

The souring effect of GST on sweet treats

With the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) being one of the biggest tax occasions in India’s history, it seems worthwhile to analyse its impact on the baking and confection industry. Read more...Continued

Innovate through design thinking - Avalara tech meetup

Design thinking is not just an Avalara philosophy, but a widespread practice. To understand its significance, we have to understand its core concepts and principles...Continued

Avalara introduces fast, easy e-way bill creation

Avalara, a GST Application Service Provider (ASP) in India, has solved for many of the challenges by introducing a dynamic, user-friendly way to generate e-way bills within Avalara TrustFile GST. Rea...Continued