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Ecommerce trends that will shape the industry in 2019 and beyond

From social shopping to an omnichannel presence, e-commerce companies are establishing new technology trends in the virtual market space. Here are five key e-commerce trends you should be incorporatin...Continued

Impact of recent High Court ruling on last date to claim Input Tax Credit for 2017-18

One of the major objectives for implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) was to provide a seamless credit of taxes paid, so as to avoid cascading effect of taxes. Although the Input Tax Credit (...Continued

Documents and procedures for exporters under GST

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime has extended the benefit of zero-rated supplies to exports. Read how businesses can export goods or services and properly claim this benefit through these optio...Continued

One Invoice, One E-way Bill policy makes tax automation critical

GST has long been a procedure-driven arrangement that demands accurate and timely compliance in order to avoid inefficiencies such as supply chain disruption and government penalties. However, with th...Continued

Checklist to ensure a smooth GST Annual Return & Audit journey

In our series of two articles, we are attempting to shed light on issues in GST annual return and how to deal with those issues to make the journey smoother. It is paramount to furnish correct details...Continued

Demystifying GSTR-9 — Part 1: GST Annual Return Form & Eligibility

Here’s a series of two articles attempting to shed light on the GSTR-9 annual return. Part 1 will cover the basics of GSTR-9, types of forms, their formats and eligibility. Read more......Continued

Demystifying GSTR-9 — Part 2: How to file Annual GST Return and make tax payments

In our series of two articles, we are attempting to shed light on everything taxpayers need to know about the annual GST return, GSTR-9. Here in Part 2, we are looking at procedures for filing GSTR-9 ...Continued

Annual GST returns and audit issues causing taxpayer turmoil

Taxpayers in India have been tangled up over some of the specific calculations and provisions, and today’s blog highlights major issues in the light of two crucial milestones of the GST journey. Read ...Continued

Impact of e-way bill on logistics industry

The logistics industry in India is expected to grow rapidly under GST, largely thanks to the reduced checkpoints, warehouse consolidation, and automated technology resulting from the implementation of...Continued

How to manage e-way bills with ease

Generating e-way bills manually is a painstaking, error-prone task, especially with hundreds or thousands of transactions a day, which is why businesses are turning to technological solutions to help ...Continued