2021 energy tax changes that affect fuel providers: Midyear update


30 minutes


New requirements, even more complexity

The oil and gas industry is beginning to bounce back to business as usual as oil prices continue to rise. However, tax and regulatory changes never took a pause. They continued across many industry segments, especially regarding clean energy rules and requirements for carbon emissions, electric vehicles, and other areas. 

Watch Avalara industry experts John Beaty and Kristin Armstrong as they discuss a few of these recent developments and the impact they could have on the energy industry. They also discuss best practices for handling the potential implications.

You’ll learn:

  • Details on recent clean air initiatives creating complexities for businesses
  • Current and future impacts for businesses across the energy industry
  • Tips to ensure you’re prepared to meet these challenges 

Check out this on-demand webinar to make sure you understand these must-know tax and regulatory changes — and are prepared to minimize your risk of noncompliance!

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About the speakers

John Beaty
General Manager, Excise

John Beaty has more than 23 years of process technology consulting experience in the petroleum industry and 30 years of team development and organizational leadership. John currently serves as the general manager for Excise at Avalara. His work experience covers a wide range of international business consulting, including adaptation of global ERP solutions, as well as energy trading and risk management systems.

Kristin Armstrong
Tax Research Analyst II

Kristin Armstrong is a Tax Research Analyst II on the Avalara content team. Before joining Avalara, Kristin spent 10 years working in a broad range of specialized tax areas including tax research, tax compliance, audits, special projects, system administration, and management.