Avalara Tax Changes 2024

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Your first look at the most significant tax changes for 2024

This year has been full of surprising shifts, from increasing inflation and talent shortages to the rise of artificial intelligence. These shifts have all had an impact on tax policy. Learn how changing consumer and technology trends are shaping the future of tax legislation and how they may affect your 2024 tax obligations.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • The increasing digitalization of global tax compliance via e-invoicing and why U.S. businesses are voluntarily adopting it
  • How recent changes in economic nexus thresholds are impacting remote sellers
  • How U.S. states are fine-tuning their tax laws and definitions to keep up with current commerce conditions
  • The newfound popularity of retail delivery fees
  • The effect of AI on tax compliance for businesses and state governments

About the speakers

Scott Peterson

Vice President of Government Relations at Avalara

Maria Koklanaris

Features Reporter, State and Local Tax at Law360

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