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Everything you need to know about sales tax and how to manage it
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Webinar summary

If the mere mention of sales tax, exemption certificates or nexus leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Even though most U.S. businesses are required to collect and remit sales tax, few actually understand all the rules or how to comply.

If this sounds like you, this on-demand webinar is for you! We asked sales tax expert Kevin Buckner to outline the most important topics businesses must understand about sales tax and condense them into a one-hour presentation.

What you can expect to learn

Kevin will discuss the following sales tax topics:

  • What’s taxable and what’s not
  • What economic nexus is and the activities that can trigger it
  • How to calculate sales tax rates more accurately
  • When a business must collect exemption certificates
  • New sales tax rules that determine whether your business is compliant

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about sales tax and how to efficiently accurately manage it for your business. Watch the on-demand webinar, Sales Tax for Dummies, today.

Webinar details

When: On-demand

Duration: One hour

Cost: Nothing

Kevin Buckner, Avalara

About the speaker

Kevin Buckner, Sales Engineer, Avalara

Kevin Buckner has over 15 years of experience with sales tax management and automation solutions. He has significant experience integrating third-party tax applications with ERP, billing, and legacy/proprietary systems, and has worked with a broad spectrum of industries to manage sales tax compliance, including health care, manufacturing, oil & gas, retail, software, and telecommunications.