On-demand webinar:
The hidden drain of tax compliance and how to automate it within NetSuite

Overcoming the biggest challenges in tax management through automation

Even though most businesses are required to collect and remit sales tax in the U.S., few understand the rules or how to comply. Sales tax. Use tax. Exemption certificates. Economic nexus. It’s a lot to stay on top of … and a lot of potential risk if you don’t.

If you use NetSuite and are wondering if you’re covered with the recent sales tax law changes (and if there’s a more efficient way to manage compliance that frees your finance team to focus on critical issues), this webinar’s for you! We’ll reveal the biggest challenges in tax management that can cost a business precious time and money, and provide a first-hand look at how automation can increase accuracy and efficiency.

To make the best use of your time, we've split the presentation into two parts.

First 30 minutes: The Case for Tax Compliance Automation

  • The current state of sales tax compliance
  • What economic nexus is and how it can drastically increase your tax obligations
  • Which industries typically have the most compliance risk
  • Why businesses are choosing to automate tax compliance

Second 30 minutes: Demo: Automated Tax Compliance with Avalara + NetSuite

  • Overview of Avalara’s tax compliance suite
  • Demonstration of how the Avalara suite works inside your NetSuite ERP
  • Live Q&A with NetSuite tax compliance experts

In these uncertain times, the last thing you need to worry about is tax compliance. Watch this webinar to make sure your obligations are being managed properly and efficiently.

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Webinar details

When: On-demand

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Nothing

About the speakers

Michael Giannettino, State and Local Tax Partner, RSM US LLP

Michael Giannettino is a State and Local Tax Partner at RSM US LLP, focused on providing sales and use tax technical consulting services for clients of all industries within the middle market. As the Northeast Regional Leader of RSMs Sales and Use Tax Automation practice, Michael is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing sales and use tax processes and systems to support client's compliance requirements.

John Perri, Director of NetSuite Sales, Avalara

John is an accomplished professional in sales, sales management, and business development. He has a broad range of technology-focused sales experience, including cloud-based software, business process improvement software, and compliance services. John manages sales and strategic development across all NetSuite business lines in North America.