Sales tax returns: How new legislation and economic trends impact your obligations

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Tips to help you keep up with change and optimize your returns process

Managing your company’s sales tax returns can be grueling thanks to varying forms, fluctuating deadlines, disparate channels, and changing requirements. Hear tax pros reveal what you need to do to optimize your returns process in the midst of changing legislation.

We cover:

  • New tax legislation and what it means for your returns
  • The correlation between economic trends like inflation and increased ecommerce and tax return obligations
  • Tips to reduce the time and resources spent managing sales tax returns
  • Why companies are choosing automation to offload the burden of manually filing returns

About the speakers

Sarah Faria

Director of Tax Compliance Services, Avalara

As Director of Tax Compliance Services, Sarah leads Avalara’s premium returns services team, Avalara for Accountants, and the Avalara for Beverage Alcohol returns team. She has a passion for delivering an excellent customer experience along with a drive for accuracy and efficiency.

Matt Johnson

Director of Tax Compliance, Avalara

Matt leads tax compliance services at Avalara, including returns filing, notice management, and client engagement. With more than 15 years of experience from a variety of software support and services companies, Matt is known for innovative problem-solving, process optimization, and customer engagement.

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