Avalara Returns for Communications

Whether a telecom industry veteran or new to communications tax complexity, Avalara has a more streamlined way to manage communications tax prep, filing, and remittance.

Reduce your audit risk

We monitor tax changes and diligently maintain complex communications tax and regulatory forms across all U.S. jurisdictions. Our focus is on streamlining processes, and our goal is for your returns to be right — and right on time.

Forget the hassle

Avalara serves as an extension of your team, meaning you can reduce the time spent on routine and complex day-to-day tax and regulatory compliance issues — and increase the resources you put toward more strategic projects.

Understand the details

Our transparent services and solutions put you in control and take the confusion out of communications taxes. Access filing calendars, reconciliation reports, and previous returns on our online portal — and know exactly where you stand.

Features and benefits

Simplified operations
Simplified operations

We prepare forms (including state regulatory forms), file returns, and even remit payments. Our reconciliation reports keep you informed.

Increased agility
Increased agility

With Avalara, you can reduce lead time for tax compliance and move more quickly to expand into new services or locations.

Designed for compatibility
Designed for compatibility

Avalara Returns for Communications integrates with AvaTax for Communications and other tax engines, so you aren’t forced to revamp the systems you already have.

Streamlined compliance support
Streamlined compliance support

Avalara goes the extra mile. We communicate with tax authorities and administer audit support for returns we file on your behalf if necessary. We also provide notice management assistance.

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