Avalara Returns for Communications

Manage compliance reporting for communications taxes

Avalara Returns for Communications provides transaction tax preparation and filing as well as state regulatory reporting for companies in the communications industry. This includes companies offering wireless, wireline, cable, satellite, streaming content, internet, unified communications, SaaS, IoT, and other traditional and nontraditional communications services. 

Avalara saves time, reduces costs, and helps ensure ongoing compliance with extremely complex tax regulations in thousands of jurisdictions.    

Simplified Operations

Avalara handles the tedious and time-consuming monthly work of aggregating tax data, preparing schedules and returns, making payments, and providing reconciliation reporting. Instead of spending time on day-to-day compliance operations, you’ll simply review your returns and payments in our online portal, thus freeing your time to focus on more strategic projects.    

Tax Compliance

By replacing error-prone manual or non-communications-specific processes with automation and tracking thousands of jurisdictions for communications regulation changes, our team of transaction tax experts helps you get you get tax compliance right by improving returns accuracy, meeting filing deadlines, and reducing the overall risk of audit.    

Business Agility

Many communications companies spend considerable internal resources preparing returns and managing all aspects of compliance operations, particularly when expanding into new communications services or geographic locations. By reducing the traditional lead time for tax compliance readiness, you’ll have the operational agility to move quickly on new business opportunities. 


Service and Tax Transparency
Using an online compliance portal, you'll be able to access monthly filing calendars and your filed returns. Detailed reconciliation reports also provide an easy review of monthly activity.
Exceptional Service
Your compliance team is dedicated to understanding your business and making sure you get the answers you need. Communications tax experts track jurisdiction and regulatory changes to help you maintain ongoing compliance.
Comprehensive Transaction Tax Solution
Avalara streamlines your communications transaction tax compliance needs by integrating tax calculation, research, monitoring, filing, and professional services under one umbrella.