Virtual event: 2022 tax changes


60 minutes


For yet another year, COVID-19 has continued to have a dramatic effect on the landscape of tax compliance. With persistent demand for ecommerce, supply chain adjustments, and prolonged remote staffing requirements, businesses have had to continually adapt to rolling changes in 2021 and the impact they have on tax obligations.

Watch this two-hour virtual event to learn more about the latest commerce trends, upcoming changes in tax policy, and the impact on your business. In the first hour, we’ll review the high-level tax changes impacting businesses, then offer industry-specific breakout sessions that cover noteworthy trends in the sectors of retail, manufacturing, and software and digital goods. Choose one or watch them all!

Keynote — The 2022 tax changes you need to know

Hear from Avalara tax experts Liz Armbruester and Scott Peterson as they walk us through what you need to know about the latest changes in tax policies and how it may impact your tax obligations in 2022. Keynote attendees are eligible to receive 1 hour of CPE credit. 

Breakout A — Maintaining tax compliance for retailers in a multichannel era

Many retailers have had to adapt to selling through multiple channels to keep up with shifting shopping habits. With each new channel comes its own set of tax obligations to understand. In this breakout, we’ll reveal what you need to know about maintaining tax compliance when selling through multiple channels and how retailers can future-proof their sales tax strategy.

Breakout B — The impact of supply chain issues & ecommerce on tax obligations for manufacturers

Manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers have had to roll with the punches in 2021, from dealing with supply chain issues, labor shortages, and increasing direct-to-consumer sales. Find out the impact of these trends on your tax obligations so you can stay ahead of the game in 2022.  

Breakout C — How taxation of digital goods and services will evolve in 2022

Understanding the taxability of software and digital goods has always been complex, especially since states are increasing taxation on these intangible products and services. In this breakout, we discuss sales tax laws as they relate to software, software as a service, and digital goods in general, and why tax compliance is critical to safeguarding your business’s growth and expansion.

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About the speakers

Liz Armbruester
Senior Vice President of Global Compliance Operations, Avalara

Liz oversees global compliance operations at Avalara. With more than 20 years of leadership experience from a variety of technology sectors including software, media, and services, Liz is known for her strong track record of innovative problem solving, process optimization, and the ability to deliver automation for efficiency and scale. Her commitment to operational excellence and aptitude for partnering cross-functionally helped her drive value in prior roles with Vubiquity, a provider of content monetization technology, and Zilog, a computing microcontroller manufacturer.

Scott Peterson
Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations, Avalara

Scott Peterson was the first executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. For seven years, Scott acted as the chief operating officer of this organization, which is devoted to making sales tax simpler and more uniform for the benefit of business. Scott also spent 10 years as director of the South Dakota Sales Tax Division and 12 years providing research and legal writing for the South Dakota Legislature. He's now Avalara's go-to resource for all things related to tax policy.

Maria Tringali
Senior Solutions Consultant, Avalara

Maria has been with Avalara since 2014 and is focused on training, educating, and supporting customers, prospective customers, sales teams, and partners on tax compliance requirements for B2B sellers. She’s passionate about improving the exempt customer experience and helping businesses improve upon and automate traditionally labor-intensive and risk-prone activities.