On-demand webinar:
4 tips to simplify filing sales tax returns

It’s not enough to just calculate and collect proper sales tax on your transactions. You must also file returns and remit payments to the appropriate tax jurisdiction, which can be just as complex.

Between reconciling tax amounts across your systems, and juggling multiple deadlines and forms for each state, filing sales tax returns can be arduous. If you’re feeling the pain, check out our 10-minute, on-demand webinar to learn how you can ease the burden of filing returns for your business.

Avalara’s SVP of Global Compliance, Liz Armbruester, reveals:

  • How to overcome the most common challenges of filing sales tax returns
  • Ways you can use tools you already have to manage deadlines
  • Tips to reduce the amount of time spent managing returns
  • Why your tax team must be data savvy and tech savvy to remain compliant

If you're looking for quick tips that can help you better manage your sales tax returns, you won't want to miss this information. Take 10 minutes, and watch it now! 

Webinar details

Duration: 10 minutes

Cost: Nothing

About the speaker

Liz Armbruester, Avalara

Liz oversees global compliance operations at Avalara. She brings more than 20 years of leadership experience from a variety of technology sectors including software, media, and services and is known for her strong track record of innovative problem solving, process optimization, and an ability to deliver automation for efficiency and scale. Liz's strong commitment to operational excellence and aptitude for partnering cross-functionally helped her drive value in her prior roles with Vubiquity, a provider of content monetization technology, and Zilog, a computing microcontroller manufacturer.