5 ways growing companies get tripped up by sales tax

On demand

60 minutes


How more sales and more customers can change tax obligations

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your company achieve its growth goals. But the more transactions you create, the more likely you'll hit another key milestone: sales tax nexus.

When you change where and how you do business, you can also change your tax compliance picture. While more sales and customers help grow your business, they can create additional headaches for your tax department. 

In this webinar, 5 ways growing companies get tripped up by sales tax, you’ll learn how compliance can change when you:

  • Expand into more states or enter global markets
  • Sell through ecommerce sites or online marketplaces
  • Add new products or services
  • File in multiple states
  • Seek financing, complete an IPO, or engage in M&A activities

If you want to conquer the world, first you have to conquer tax compliance. Get your sales tax in compliance before you venture outside the lines. Attendees are eligible to earn one hour of CPE credit.

About the speaker

Jesse Broel

Senior Strategic Alliance Manager, Avalara

Jesse joined Avalara in 2019 and leads the company’s partner practice for private equity and venture capital firms in addressing sales tax compliance across their portfolio companies through education and adoption of Avalara’s best-in-class technology solutions. Jesse previously worked with Fortune 100 financial services, entrepreneurial startups, and nonprofits in B2C and B2B sales.