Communications tax in an increasingly connected world


60 minutes


Be ready today, future-proof for tomorrow

More and more of our everyday personal lives require some sort of connectivity. The same is true for businesses. The current explosion of connected products and services only continues to grow. As these get bundled together, along with voice and video, it brings communications tax (and further tax complexity) into an already complicated ecosystem. While tax jurisdictions and regulatory requirements are slowly catching up, understanding what this might look like is crucial to minimizing audit exposure, especially for businesses that are new to communications tax.

If you currently offer connected products or services, the question of whether you may have a communications tax obligation is not if but when. Watch this webinar to help ensure you're not only effectively managing today's tax obligations, but also future-proofing your business as this landscape continues to evolve.

You’ll learn: 

  • How growth in an always-connected world is expanding the communications tax footprint
  • The clear signs you may already have a communications tax obligation 
  • Tax and regulatory changes on the horizon 
  • Communications tax pitfalls you might encounter as your business grows 
  • Steps you need to take to future-proof your business 
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About the speaker

Steve Lacoff, General Manager Communications, Avalara

Steve is General Manager of Avalara for Communications. With a focus on data, VoIP, and video streaming, Steve has spent more than 15 years in various GM, product, and marketing leadership roles in the communications and technology industries, including Disney’s streaming services and Comcast technology solutions. Steve now drives Avalara’s overall business unit strategy and regularly provides thought leadership on today’s changing industry landscape and associated tax impacts.

About the speaker

Toby Bargar, Senior Tax Analyst, Avalara

Toby is an attorney and senior tax consultant in the Avalara Communications business unit. He regularly speaks about and advises customers on complex transaction tax issues, particularly in the field of communications tax and regulatory surcharges.