Webinar series: Economic nexus 101


Part 1: 75 minutes
Part 2: 55 minutes


Part 1: What is economic nexus?
Part 2: How to streamline your economic nexus obligations with sales tax automation

Nearly 3 years ago, the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. Supreme Court case established and defined economic nexus. Yet many businesses are still in the dark regarding exactly what economic nexus is, and how it affects sales tax liabilities across state lines. Learn what you need to know about economic nexus and how to manage your obligations in this two-part, on-demand webinar series.

In Part 1, we review the ins and outs of economic nexus and how it can obligate online sellers to collect and remit sales tax in a state even without physical presence. In Part 2, we reveal tips to help you manage your economic nexus obligations with technology, including a first-hand look at Avalara’s sales tax automation software.

Part 1: What is economic nexus?  
Join us to learn:

  • An overview of economic nexus and how to determine when you’ve triggered it
  • Which states have enacted economic nexus laws and those that haven’t
  • Next steps once you’ve triggered economic nexus in a state
  • Answers to your questions

Part 2: How to streamline economic nexus compliance using Avalara
We cover:

  • Tips to help you track your sales activity in light of economic nexus thresholds
  • What tax technology exists to reduce the burden of manually managing sales tax
  • An introduction to Avalara’s automated tax compliance solution, including an economic nexus heatmap

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About the speakers

Diana DiBello
Product Solution Engineer, Avalara 

Diana has spent over 25 years working with various industries in supporting the sales & use tax function. She has industry recognized expertise in the areas of tax technology, leasing, jurisdiction identification, tax processing, telecom, and property tax.

As a public speaker and author, Diana has developed numerous papers and presentations on the topic of taxation including articles for the Journal of Accountancy and the Journal of Multi-State Taxation.