Getting your tax decisions right in a changing global economy

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Achieving tax accuracy in a complex global economy

As most corporate tax managers know, regulatory complexity is on the rise — making it all the more difficult to find correct tax data and insights. Simultaneously, tax authorities around the world are emphasizing accurate tax reporting and filing, and enforcing it with hefty penalties. In light of these challenges, organizations are using technology to cope. 

In this webinar, learn more about these global tax trends and how solutions like Avalara Tax Research can help your company keep up. We discuss: 

  • The rise of real-time tax reporting and data management technology
  • The new opportunities being created by AI and machine learning
  • The compliance challenges facing organizations today, like product taxability, exempt sales, reliance on manual processes, and more
  • The Avalara Tax Research offering and its benefits

Meet the speakers

Maria Tringali

Senior Solutions Consultant, Avalara

Luke Marlatt

Solution Consultant, Tax Research, Avalara

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