Navigating a sales and use tax audit in 2021


60 minutes


Become familiar with best practices now to save time and money later

States have long sought ways to close budget gaps and increase revenues — and sales tax is often the answer. With the explosion of ecommerce in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many states offering financial relief for residents and local business owners, sales and use tax audits may soon be on the rise as a way to ensure states are collecting all that’s due. 

Businesses no longer have to worry if they’ll be selected for a sales and use tax audit, but when. States may become increasingly aggressive in audits, and something as simple as an office building closure or remote sales can tip them off. So what else can increase the risk of a business being chosen for a sales and use tax audit? And what can you expect should your business be selected for an audit? We go over these questions in this on-demand webinar, Navigating a sales and use tax audit in 2021.

You’ll learn:

  • Potential red flags for an audit
  • The differences in managing sales and use taxes
  • How economic nexus can impact your obligations when making remote sales
  • Best practices for audit preparation 
  • How automation can centralize your tax compliance strategy

Understanding what to expect from a sales and use tax audit can save your business both time and money. Watch this webinar to learn how you can face the inevitable with confidence. Webinar attendees are also eligible to earn 1 hour of CPE credit.

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About the speaker

Clifford Turner
VP, Customer Support, Avalara

Clifford is a former California state tax auditor and an industry veteran with 25 years of sales and use tax experience. He has built and managed sales and use tax compliance operations for two of the Big Four accounting firms.