Embracing the future of tax compliance with AI

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How companies are using AI to streamline sales tax management

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning are empowering organizations to streamline their tax compliance efforts, minimize risk, and maximize opportunities.

In this webinar, tax experts from Avalara discuss:

  • AI adoption within the tax landscape
  • Real-life examples of how finance and accounting professionals use AI to streamline their jobs
  • Avalara’s first-of-its-kind sales tax calculator plugin for ChatGPT
  • Ways leading tax automation providers are using machine learning to increase accuracy and efficiency within their software
  • How Avalara Exemption Certificate Management uses AI to ensure document compliance

Meet the speakers

Lisa Cunningham

Senior Product Manager of Exemption Management Platform, Avalara

Kael Kelly

General Manager of Certificates and Tax Research, Avalara

Vsu Subramanian

Senior Vice President of Content Engineering, Avalara

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