Closing the gap: Optimizing tax determination in the oil and gas industry


60 minutes


A how-to guide to ensure best practices for excise tax compliance

Excise tax determination for the oil and gas industry is unquestionably one of the most complex, indirect tax ecosystems. Understanding the nuances of why and how to manage this tax often take years of experience. To ensure accuracy, it’s important that your existing processes and any automation solutions are fully optimized. This webinar, presented by Avalara’s excise tax expert, will help you do just that.

If  transitioning to automation or changing your platform is your best path to compliance, our speakers will also provide tips on how to move forward to gain project approval. The complexity of excise tax alone is enough to make building a business case for automation tricky – especially if you are not in control of the budget.  

Join excise tax expert John Beaty as he discusses ways to:

  • Identify gaps in your current processes or automation solution
  • Understand ways that you might be able to optimize these systems and practices
  • Build a case for new automation or a platform change


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John Beaty

General Manager of Avalara Excise

John Beaty has more than 23 years of process technology consulting experience in the petroleum industry and 30 years of team development and organizational leadership. 

John currently serves as the general manager for Excise at Avalara. His work experience covers a wide range of international business consulting, including adaptation of global ERP solutions, as well as energy trading and risk management systems.